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I first discovered the gentle yet powerful effect of sound on our well-being with the use of Tibetan bowls. This was the point when I decided to study sound therapy in depth and came across the Biofield Tuning method which stands out among others. What is truly unique to this modality is that not only can we address all kinds of physical & emotional imbalances of the present, but we can find where the imbalance originated in the past (the human biofield is also an information field). Then, using sound & vibration, we can release certain emotions a client has been carrying for years, we can change a pattern of behavior & attitude, we can "reprogram" your body & mind. This is profound work that carries life-changing results.

I became a Biofield Tuning practitioner to help those who seek positive change in their lives and are ready to discover the potential of sound/energy medicine.

I am currently offering distance sessions and live sessions in Athens, Greece.

Margarita Moskaleva

Participant in Art Therapy Festival , Sound healing with Tibetan singing bowls (Lisa Wilvert), Tibetan Singing Bowls (Softening& Healing school), Usui Reiki (level 2), Energy Medicine (Dr Sue Morter), International Healing Voice Training (International Association of Sound Therapy)




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