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Since becoming an Acupuncturist 23 years ago, and being a passionate learner of healing arts & science, I have enjoyed learning many of the body's subtle languages, expressing it's inner wisdom. Each of the modalities that I offer taps into this inner knowing, communicating what is out of balance and also what needs to be done to facilitate change and allow healing. My favorite healing work is with individuals who recognize that they are a part of their own healing process, who view that healing work is an opportunity to learn, to explore (and even to laugh and have fun) and know that healing does often require change - sometimes in diet, most often in perspective, and also in the balance of movement and rest in their lifestyle. Since it is ideal to receive bodywork in alternation with Biofield Tuning, I integrate Acupuncture and or Cranio Sacral Therapy in the treatment plan. I am available for House Calls in the Tucson AZ area .

Marie MacKinnon

Licensed Acupuncturist; Esogetic Colorpuncture Practitioner; Biofield Tuning Practitioner; Cranio Sacral Therapy; Acutonics; Bachelor of Arts in Psychology; Master of Science in Organizational Psychology



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