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My life-long interest in what makes people thrive has led me to the power and beauty of Biofield Tuning under the guidance of Eileen McKusick. With warmth and humor, I help clients remove emotional blocks so that they can be the happy, loving people they fundamentally are.

As a Speech Language Pathology Assistant for the last ten years, I have worked with children on the Autism Spectrum and children with other cognitive and physical challenges. I welcome working with clients of all ages and abilities.

Most clients feel “lighter” and more relaxed directly after a session with long term effects freeing up unconscious patterns which can lead to pathologies in the body. Continued improvement is supported by a Bach Flower Remedy, which clients take home to support and enhance the ripple effect started by the tuning process.

Mary McGillivray

Practitioner at the Vermont Biofield Tuning Clinic, Speech Language Pathology Assistant



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