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I have always been interested in maintaining good health and helping others gain greater clarity to improve their health for nearly 20 years. As an educator, I have been drawn to alternatives that assist the body in its own corrective and regenerative abilities. I found Biofield Tuning in 2018, became a practitioner and participated in advanced classes in the summer of 2019. I am passionate about celebrating each person's unique story and am inspired by my experience of how energy work promotes personal growth. My approach is based on this understanding: our energetic field holds the keys to freedom, to no longer being bound by the scars from hardships such as trauma, pain, illness, and inter-generational suffering. As an energy mentor, in person or through distance sessions, I look forward to working with you to clear and lighten your field, as well as offer self-care and self-growth tools. You have it in your power not only to heal, but to flourish!

Mary Dodich

I have certification in these areas: Medical Secretary, Teacher, Reflexology, Bowtech Technique, and Regenerative Detoxification Specialist.



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