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I run a full time healing practice in downtown Colorado Springs. I began my career in holistic health after a successful career in software and systems engineering. I love watching my clients make a breakthrough in their healing journey when they get a release and a weight falls off their shoulders and they leave looking younger, more energized and with a smile on their face. I believe our body is a system of systems, mind, body and spirit and when one part of the system is out of balance then the whole system is unable to function efficiently. In my practice I look at the whole person, not just the part of them that is hurting at this moment, and help them balance all parts of themselves. I help people find the root cause of their dis-ease so they can process and release the emotions that caused them to be blocked, stuck or uneasy. When our energy flows freely we feel we can be the best version of ourselves. I am available for in person or distance sessions.

Mary Spohn

Holistic Health Practitioner, ®Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher, Ph.D Holistic and Natural Health and Healing

Colorado Springs


United States

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