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I have always been very health conscious, but my healing journey truly began 20 years ago when my children were on their second round of antibiotics battling an upper respiratory infection. How were my kids going to heal when their vital force was diminishing? I began with a nutritionist who showed me that strengthening the immune system and the energy field can strengthen everything.

I was led to Eden Energy Medicine 13 years ago. This four-year education was fascinating and life changing. It provided me with a vast array of tools and a greater understanding of what energy is and how it works.

In studying modalities that resonate with me, I found Biofield Tuning. Biofield Tuning provides a way to release incoherent energy patterns (dis-ease) from the field and reconnects us to our original blueprint of wellbeing. I enjoy being a part of people’s healing journey and assisting them in re-aligning to their higher consciousness for healing, manifesting, and personal growth.

Melanie Foster

Faculty Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program, Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner, Reiki Master



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