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I care deeply about helping you overcome challenges to your health and wellbeing. If you are living with illness, unable to cope with life's situations, or just wishing you felt better, we work as a team to stimulate innate healing responses for a more calm and energized you. Certified in Biofield Tuning (2019), Healing Touch (2011), Integrative Health Coaching (2018), I will guide you to desirable, effective, sustainable change to your physical vitality, emotional balance, mental clarity, spiritual connection. I came to the healing arts over twenty years ago as a professional artist and art educator, creating an art-as-therapy program I ran at two medical facilities. In 2011, I established Green Healing Therapy for Energy Health and Holistic Self Care. I look forward to working with you, in person or remotely. After each session, you will receive an email recap, helpful at-home tools and techniques, and lots of encouragement!

Min Green

Integrative Health Coach, Healing Touch Certified Practitioner



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