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Hi! I'm Rachel. My journey has been about aligning with my truth. It has been about letting go of what doesn’t ring true, letting go of any dissonance. And now, it also includes helping others do the same, in order to live happier, healthier lives. I’ve found that Biofield Tuning is a powerful tool to help with the process of dissolving dissonance in the energetic field and restoring one to their own unique truth and resonance, which includes health, well-being, and abundance. It would be an honor for me to facilitate your Biofield Tuning session and your journey to harmony and resonance. I am at Love's service in the Los Angeles, CA area and for remote tunes.

Rachel Morihiro

Reiki Master Teacher, Sekhem Practitioner, Holistic Life Coach, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Akashic Records Practitioner



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