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I am an Artist and designer but my interest in the subject of wellness really kicked off after a trip to the ER with my husband on New Years Eve 2015. Having a bad experience in hospital really set me down the path of research. Since then, both of our lives have transformed as I tried to find answers for my husbands health. I myself, without even knowing or realizing it, lost 20 lbs and look and feel better than ever at 37. Since then, I have been passionate about helping others do the same. I discovered Biofield tuning through and interview. The idea of using sound to bring the body into balance struck me and I knew I had to know more! Biofield tuning has changed my life in a way I could have never dreamed up in my experience so far in receiving the work and also working with my clients. Please contact me if you want to know more. I can work with you in person or at a distance to help lighten your Biofield. We all have the power to heal and I hope I can help you on that journey!

Rebecca Quinones

Biofield tuning practioner, B.A in Fine Art major in Fiber Arts, musician and artist



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