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I serve as both a guide to focus on your inner light, and a mirror to help you face your shadow aspects, both which unresolved, hold you back. To change your story, you must be willing to change your script.

I have worked in the field of psychology, new biology, shamanic studies and body/mind therapies for the past 35+ years. I am the author of Shamanic Awakening published through Bear & Co., and numerous print articles spanning the dreamtime, uplifting patients in hospital settings, and shamanic studies. I have a meditative CD, Souled Out; co-created the STAR Process, a healing recalibration paradigm; and given multiple radio shows on a variety of topics. I have worked with indigenous mentors and the new sciences, dovetailing systems that combine light body and physical body paradigms. For 30 years I have taught and taken people on yearly sacred journeys throughout North, South and Central America, England, Ireland, France, Italy and Egypt. I would be honored to work with you.

Sandra Corcoran

Master's Expressive Therapies/Integrated Arts, Integrative Coach, PYSCH-K, Shamanic Teacher, American Organization for Bodywork Therapies Association



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