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I began my journey in alternative medicine of 40 years ago and have always integrated holistic therapies into my own pursuit of good health.

Certified and trained under Eileen McKusick, including advanced Level 4, I practice Biofield Tuning as a stand-alone modality or integrated with Eden Energy Medicine (EEM). EEM focuses on the energy fields in order to assist in the repair of cells, tissue, and organs.

I help clients unblock emotional, physical & spiritual disturbances that have remained present in the Biofield-- making it possible for the individual to become “unstuck”. The goal at Intentional Healing & Wellness is to allow clients to move forward in life with a more balanced perspective and experience meaningful changes to their health and wellbeing.

I am located in Central Phoenix and work with clients in-person and remote (distance) sessions. I am also available for wellness retreats, offering Biofield Tuning as a unique & powerful treatment to retreat guests.

Sharon Danley

Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner (EEM-CP)



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