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Being a trained nurse, musician and teacher/artist, and not least mother of 4 amazing children, I have always encouraged people to find their own inner voice and creativity to help them find clarity and empowerment.
I have always been interested in the so called 'alternative' modes of medicine, dabbling in kinesiology, homeopathy etc., but the Sound Therapy bombshell hit one day as I was researching Music Therapy. As a musician, I know how music can find a place nothing else can. I was wanting to find something that would combine my background as a nurse, musician, teacher, mother/nurturer, and bingo! Sound Therapy ticked all the boxes. My approach is that we all have a sound track to our lives - like a vinyl record. Every now and then, we get 'scratches' in our lives that need to be smoothed out so we can move forward, to heal, to help set us free. I look forward to helping you be the best you can be, to walk tall, and to believe in yourself. Sound is healing. 'Heal thyself'.

Sharon Greally

Comprehensive Registered nurse, Nutrition Diploma, Freelance Journalist Diploma

Wellington City


New Zealand

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