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Because I personally had astounding results after experiencing Biofield Tuning in action on myself, I became a certified Biofield Tuning practitioner (with advanced training). My feet stopped hurting, I released sciatica pain, left hip pain, fully reduced overall body pain and gained back my energy to, once again, live a full life. Emotionally, I now experience well-being and happiness. I am calmer, more clear, and relaxed.
I have observed that those who receive Biofield Tuning experience more balanced expressions in their bodies and emotions. They are more grounded, frequently have pain resolution, and are more emotionally stable and calm.
It is a profound modality for releasing repetitive patterns of harmful or disturbing behaviors, correcting imbalanced bodies and bringing more emotional balance. After experiencing so many profound changes and results for myself, I chose to pursue this work to assist others to move towards fuller, stronger, healthier and more exuberant lives.

Sharon Soeller

Masters Spiritual Science-Peace Theological Seminary, Bachelors Psychology-CSU Fullerton, Special Ed educator/admin-30 yrs, Minister in Movement of Spiritual Awareness-48 years

Pacific Palisades


United States

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