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I am a Level 4 trained Biofield Tuner with a psychology background & over 10 years experience in Energy Therapy work. I never seize to be amazed by the capacity to heal and grow through sound, vibration and frequency.

The mind, body & spirit are a synergistic system and thus benefit from being treated as a 'whole'. Treatments raise and clear the vibration of the Energy Body which can become compromised through stress, lifestyle and emotional/physical experience. Resetting the vibrational frequency of the 'whole system' encourages self- healing, clarity, and restoration of wellbeing and flow of life on every level.

I am an intuitive and understanding therapist, available for remote or 1-1 treatments at my practices in Stanmore and Willesden Green, North West London. Both are easily accessible via the Jubilee and Metropolitan tube lines. I am a Member of the College of Sound Healing, British Society of Dowsers, and am a CMA Qualified Therapist. Please text or email me to book.

Sonia Kalia-Sagoo

Reiki, Bach flower, Sound bath, Kinetic shift practitioner, Geopathic Stress & Spiritual Dowser

Stanmore, Willesden Green

North West London

United Kingdom

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