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I am a holistic, empathetic and intuitive healer with a vast experience in using different sound and energy modalities to work on my clients. I’ve been using energy healing since 1996 and sound frequencies since 2014. I had the privilege to become the first certified Maltese Biofield Tuning Practitioner in 2017. In my sessions I incorporate healing crystals, Tibetan singing bowls, Universal Energy (UE) and Tuning Forks. Thanks to these different modalities, I assist my clients to balance and align their chakras, release energy blockages, restore vibrational coherence to both their physical and energy bodies to an optimal vibrational state. The use of different modalities varies according to the client’s primary energy investigation conducted at the beginning and during the session. Such practice has produced excellent results, having clients reporting successful healing outcomes, even in less than three sessions. I also conduct very successful therapy sessions through remote healing.

Susan Camilleri

Level 4 Universal Energy practitioner (Open International University of Complementary Medicines - Sri Lanca) , Foundation Certificate in Sound Therapy (Sound Healing Academy - UK)



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