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As a physical therapist I resonate with the adage “movement is medicine” & “movement is life!” How we move and use our body in the day to day is manifest in the health and function of our tissues.
I have been practicing physical therapy for 18 years and I continue to be in awe by our human form. As a practitioner, when I approach the body, I visualize the movement patterns, or I place my hands on the body and begin a conversation: with the fascia, the nervous system, the muscles, the organs, the joints.
With Biofield Tuning, I use the tuning forks to have a conversation with the energy field.
The coherent frequency of the tuning fork entrains the static or resistance in the field to flow again, and the photons are brought back into center and integrated.
I believe that we are vibrant souls in a human form; We all have the capacity for health, vitality and peace. It is my aspiration for myself and for others to become who we truly are. I look forward to working with you!

Susan McLaughlin

Physical Therapist

Salt Lake City


United States

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