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I provide potent modalities that cultivate radiant health, peace of mind and creative flow. My services include Biofield Tuning, Floating, Reflexology, Yoga & Meditation instruction. Also, my family and I are hosts for Airbnb and our guests can customize a refreshing retreat!

Like many people, I’ve followed the dubious allopathic medicine maze. In truth, I’ve genuinely improved my health through a synergistic blend of integrative protocols with a touch of grace.
My penchant for observing the effects of resonance began when I was a toddler. While attending the University of Arizona, I minored in classical guitar and later I worked as an Archaeologist for six years until I became a mom.

During a yoga teachers program in 1997, my love of sound play was rekindled and I studied the therapeutic benefits of music, crystal bowl & vocal toning. Overall, I’ve grown my acumen over 4 decades. In 2005, burnished with compassion, skills and a desire to serve others I founded Still Waters.

Teresa Wilke-Oved

Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified Reflexolgist, Bachelor of Fine Arts



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