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I am passionate about exploring and navigating consciousness using a variety of methods, including Biofield Tuning. My experience and training have given me the unique ability to meet people where they are, and to create and hold space for them. This has allowed an increased capacity for my clients to access, feel, explore, regulate and navigate their lived experience and their whole being -- to ultimately embrace, embody and expand into their true self. My intention is to assist you in embodying more of your true Self. We accomplish this together by exposing and disrupting limiting patterns of movement, thought, energy and perception, which allows for the system to reorganize in a more useful and efficient way. While my approach is curious and playful, the work that I offer is deep and embodied.

Terri Lynn Fucile

Registered Trager Practitioner, Resilience Toolkit Provider, Bachelor Degree in Psychology, Diploma in Social Service Work

Thunder Bay



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