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I’ve been aware of the power of sound and energetic vibration since I was a child. In 1986 I was fortunate to train in Polarity Energy Balancing and learn how tuning forks could be used to activate and open the chakras and began an exciting life-long journey of exploration and personal healing. I took classes, workshops and trainings with sound pioneers like John Beaulieu and Jonathan Goldman and then continued with a new generation of sound healers that were also gifted musicians, like Leigh Ann Phillips, with Crystal Bowls, and Ann Martin, with Tibetan Bowls. Then, I was delighted to have the rare experience of training with Eileen. My specialties include mind/brain techniques for pain and stress relief and addiction recovery support. Recent research shows that most deep-seated anxiety and addictions have roots in early childhood or even in the womb, so I’m delighted to offer Biofield Tuning to clear the early, preverbal and ancestral trauma in the biofield so quickly.

Victoria Bresee

Transformational Hypnotherapist, Neuroptimal Neurofeedback Trainer, Spiritual Counselor



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