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I have been involved for some years in helping others improve their quality of life through movement and massage. From a bench scientist I moved into gym instruction and teaching exercise classes. I understand the importance of looking after your body. When my path took me towards massage and into Reiki healing, I realised there was some other issues within our bodies which although could be helped by physical massage, would return. Reiki led me to a deeper acceptance of “something else” but Biofield Tuning allowed me to hone in and understand this more.
As I Biofield Tuning practitioner I now regularly tune people in my therapy room in Wiltshire, sometimes combined with a physical massage. I find this is a winning combination and my clients do too.
I also conduct Biofield Tuning sessions via Skype or FaceTime.
Contact me to find out how Tuning can help You “lighten your load” with the power of sound.

Vivienne Worrall

Masters Degree in Molecular biology, Bachelors degree in physiology. NVQ Sports Massage, Reiki Healing practioner, Personal Trainer and fitness instructor, Pilates instructor



United Kingdom

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