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Biofield Tuning is the most powerful transformational tool that I have connected with through-out my years of facilitating healing sessions for clients.
I have been in a fulltime healing practice since 2008. Reading ‘Tuning the Human Biofield’ at the end of 2017 inspired me tremendously. My heart opened as did the doors to make this a reality for myself and in my professional practice. Having experienced the powerful nature of this modality in my own life with Biofield Tuning, it’s become the preferred tool I use in client sessions.
I believe transformation can occur with ease and elegance. The Human body is a self intelligent, self organising system that knows how to reset and recalibrate itself when it is reminded in the most magical way that it is a musical instrument. Feedback from clients has astounded me whether emotional, mental, physical or experiential.
I facilitate sessions in person in Johannesburg South Africa and also offer distance sessions via Skype or Whatsapp.

Wendy Leppard

Neuro Linguistic Programming, Matrix Energetics Practitioner, Energy Healing Facilitation.



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