Biofield Tuning - Advanced Training Module 2


Biofield Tuning Advanced Training Module 2 is all about you. This three-day course will teach you how to be empowered, have more light, energy, coherence and strength as a practitioner.  You are the tuning fork and in this class Eileen will work with you to raise your voltage, deepen your understanding of Biofield Tuning and add MUCH more value to your work.

Advanced Training Modules are open to any Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner and do not need to be taken in any particular order.


  • Tips and techniques for using the Sonic Slider

  • New meditations

  • And other unique exercises and techniques to take you to a whole new level!



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PLEASE NOTE: All class deposits are non-refundable. 

  • You may apply your deposit to another class by paying a small transfer fee if your transfer request is received 30 days prior to the original class start date;

  • If you request to transfer or cancel your class within 30 days of the class start date, your deposit is forfeit and is neither transferable nor refundable.  

Before you register for a class it is imperative that you read the contraindications found on the FAQ page of our website. 

The amount of sessions given and received over the 3 days of Advanced Training Module 2 gave me a boost in energy and the meditations took me to a whole new level. Not only did I learn new things to help others but I had incredible healings every day.

Kimberly Schipke 

Biofield Tuning Instructor