Biofield Tuning | In-Person Foundations



  • The premise of the Biofield Anatomy

  • The theory behind Biofield Tuning

  • Holding and activating tuning forks

  • Sensing into and working with resistance and distortion in the biofield

  • How to conduct a basic Biofield Tuning session

  • Centering, grounding and breathing to maintain neutrality

  • And more


Our in-person Foundations training is an introductory course for beginners in Biofield Tuning.  In this hands-on, immersive classroom experience, you will spend three full days with your instructors learning the theory, method and technique for practicing this modality.

If you would like explore our virtual Foundations training offerings click here to learn more.

Please note:

  • Foundations is a prerequisite for our Practitioner Training Certification Program. When taken as a stand alone course, it does not qualify for you to practice Biofield Tuning as a paid, Certified Practitioner. 

  • Eileen McKusick is no longer teaching any Biofield Tuning classes.


Students who would like to move on to Practitioner Training after completing Foundations class must have: 

  • Completed 20 documented practice sessions

  • Received three in-person or distance sessions from a Certified Practitioner. (This does not include Group Audio Sessions.)

  • Sent your completed homework sheet to our Class Operations Manager


  • All class deposits are non-refundable.

    • You may apply your deposit to another class by paying a small transfer fee if your transfer request is received 30 days prior to the original class start date;

    • If you request to transfer or cancel your class within 30 days of the class start date, your deposit is forfeit and is neither transferable nor refundable.  

  • Before you register for a class it is imperative that you read the contraindications found on the FAQ page of our website. 

The (Foundations) course was a life affirming and life changing experience. The potential for healing with tuning forks is extraordinary and the results were clear and immediate. The course is a great blend of discussion and practical work all tied together by the good humor and integrity of (the instructor), who creates a calm and safe environment for learning and for letting go. 

Derek Peach

Biofield Tuning Practitioner

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