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Biofield Tuning - Practitioner Training

Biofield Tuning Practitioner Training is a five-day intensive course which teaches the skills needed to receive practitioner certification.

This course does not qualify you to practice Biofield Tuning as a certified practitioner until you have completed the list of final steps below.*


  • Seated chair sessions

  • Sonic meridian flush

  • Distance sessions

  • Work with bones and organs in Biofield Tuning

  • Relationship Sessions

As well as review Foundations course material


  • Complete a Biofield Tuning Foundations class and spend at least two to three months:

  • Perform 20 documented Biofield Tuning practice sessions

  • Receiving three documented one-on-one Biofield Tuning sessions from a Certified Practitioner. 


To become a certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner after finishing Practitioner Training students must:

  • Complete 10 documented practice sessions  

  • Participate in a two hour video practicum 

  • Send your completed homework sheet to our Class Operations Manager


  • All class deposits are non-refundable.

    • You may apply your deposit to another class by paying a small transfer fee if your transfer request is received 30 days prior to the original class start date;

    • If you request to transfer or cancel your class within 30 days of the class start date, your deposit is forfeit and is neither transferable nor refundable.  

  • Before you register for a class it is imperative that you read the contraindications found on the FAQ page of our website.

  • Eileen McKusick is no longer teaching any Biofield Tuning classes. 

To be notified about new classes, please subscribe to our newsletter (see below).

This is powerful work on so many levels. I am learning to be authentic, neutral and clear in my own field in order to hold the space, stay grounded and be the witness...for others to heal in the way they will.  I have come to realize that each person that rests on my table is there to be as much a witness to the process within me as healer, as I am to the unique process of healing within them. In this shared witnessing, we connect deeply and this is where miracles can and do happen.

Lori Rhoades 

Biofield Tuning Practitioner

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