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My professions in life have always involved helping people and animals. My introduction to Biofield Tuning got my full attention though and before I knew it, I began my training under Eileen herself in July 2018. I was in awe of her knowledge, training and the power of these tuning forks, how they were able to find this "stuck" energy in the electromagnetic field and offer release from past traumas, illness & suffering. It paved the way for me in realizing how past events in my own life had shaped some negative habits/thoughts and even physical ailments. Through having blockages removed from my field and rebalancing done, I was able to make positive changes & move forward. Such personal inspiration for helping others.

I have valued each client that has entrusted me to work with them since and love to hear their story and help however I can. I am available at the clinic for in-person sessions or through distance as well.

Anne Ritter

Reiki Master


Nova Scotia


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