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Audio Session Testimonials

Brendan D. Murphy
Author - The Grand Illusion Books

Audio Session Recipient

"...Over the last ten minutes of the session, I felt better emotionally and mentally than I had in years...  

Afterwards, I noticed a rapid improvement in the... injury that had been niggling me for several weeks. Since then I have been able to work out at the gym without pain.

The psychological change that has stood out... is that I feel freer to be who and what I really am – as if I don’t need to try to blend in with others...

Additionally, Eileen shared insights ... that were undeniably accurate and profound – and which... she had no way of knowing.  Highly recommended."

Jim Morris Biofield Tuning.jpg

Jim Morris
Author - A Battle of Sorcerers

Audio Session Recipient

"Because of Biofield Tuning, I have been letting go of ancient grievances like balloons at a party.
At an age when most of my contemporaries are declining into senescence, I am beginning to feel good in ways I did not know were humanly
possible. I am the recipient of a clearer mind and more energy."

Susan Richardson Biofield Tuning.jpg

Susan Richardson

Audio Session Recipient

"Over the last three years, I have participated in over 200 Biofield Tuning (audio sessions).  After dealing with a serious illness for many years, I came to this work feeling physically, emotionally and energetically depleted.  The (audio sessions) have been extremely powerful in affecting profound healing in all aspects of my life and have given me a greater sense of overall well-being. I continue to be amazed at the energy shifts that occur during and after each distance session. I feel physically stronger, more grounded and balanced. The most radical changes have been new courage to deal with difficult emotions and greater freedom to express my individuality.  Biofield Tuning is effective and life changing!"

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