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Eileen Day McKusick

Eileen Day McKusick is a pioneering researcher, writer, inventor, practitioner, educator and speaker in the fields of therapeutic sound, the human biofield and electric health. She has an MA in Integrative Education and has been studying the effects of sound on the human body and its electromagnetic system since 1996.


​She is the originator of the sound therapy method Biofield Tuning (with over 2000 students trained worldwide since 2010), the founder of the Biofield Tuning Institute (which conducts grant funded, IRB approved and peer reviewed studies on the human biofield), and author of the award winning, bestselling book "Tuning the Human Biofield: Healing with Vibrational Sound Therapy", as well as the book “Electric Body, Electric Health” released with St. Martin’s Press in January 2021.

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Eileen Day McKusick -

Founder of Biofield Tuning

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Tuning the Human Biofield - The Book

2018 COVR Gold Award winner

Iconic Book

2015 Nautilus Silver Award Winner

As an inventor, Eileen has created a line of weighted tuning forks and tuning fork accessories based on her own clinical research. Recent inventions include the much-loved Sonic Slider, and the uniquely effective Fibonacci Pair. These forks, when paired with the patent-pending Circuit Boot, are introducing thousands of people to the power of sound to improve our electric health. 


Eileen’s work leads people from a chemical/mechanical perspective of life, health and the universe, to an electro-sonic one. This new perspective makes health and life easier, connects the dots, and ties together multiple concepts in an elegant, easy to grasp way.

She creates an accessible bridge between what has been considered pseudoscience and what has been considered scientific, through clearly illustrating the underlying electrical nature of our bodies and the world around us.


A dynamic and sought after speaker and thought leader, Eileen is an ambassador of the new paradigms of Electric Health and Biofield Science. Through mastering her own electrical health, she embodies high-voltage, coherent living that is both tangible and teachable. 

Eileen is available for a limited number of individual sessions with clients each month. Please contact to inquire.

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Eileen's most recent book, "Electric Body, Electric Health"

was published in 2021

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