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Our Research

The Biofield Tuning Institute (BTI) is a Vermont-based 501(c)3 non-profit.

Our mission, as well as that of our founder Eileen McKusick, is to reduce the amount of unnecessary suffering in the world through sound and biofield research, education and outreach. We seek to participate in the global advancement of biofield science through conducting peer-reviewed research and developing biofield-sensing technologies. We also seek to bring “Tuners without Borders” to at-risk populations worldwide.

A Different Model of Mind

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Eileen McKusick and CHI Research

Conducting research with CHI

Biofield Tuning challenges the widely held scientific view that consciousness exists because of and within the brain. Rather, Biofield Tuning is based on a vibrational medicine view of health that enables Biofield Tuning practitioners to identify and work with both mind and memory through an interaction with a person’s biological field, or biofield. The biofield is a complex organizing information/energy field that is engaged in the generation, maintenance, and regulation of biological functioning.

Over the years, Eileen has conducted a variety of research approaches with Biofield Tuning including making use of a wide variety of devices: medical thermography, the Bio-well, the Biofield Viewer,  Heart Rate Variability, biophoton counters, and more. All of these devices have demonstrated interesting and significant shifts in before-and-after readings. 

Due to the high demand for Biofield Tuning classes since they were first introduced in 2010, the Institute has not had the man hours to conduct a formal study on the efficacy of Biofield Tuning. However, this has now changed with the addition of 18 certified Biofield Tuning instructors in addition to founder Eileen, and in 2020 the Institute has two opportunities to begin collecting more formal data.


Despite the lack of official information, the clinical reports from practitioners and their clients is very consistent: people report less discomfort, a greater sense of personal freedom, a sense of being “lighter”, the experience of “getting unstuck” and much more. There is also a consensus among practitioners that the Biofield Anatomy map is a highly effective tool for determining the age and nature of distortions within the field.

Past Research


From 2017-2018, through grants from the Frances and Forrest Lattner Foundation, BTI partnered with the Consciousness and Healing Initiative (CHI), an organization that includes a team of established Biofield Science researchers, to perform a Biofield Tuning study in December 2018.  The CHI-designed protocol tested whether multiple Biofield Tuning practitioners would be able to identify the same areas of turbulence within a series of volunteers. 


The human biofield is a dynamic, resonant, electromagnetic expression that resonates differently in the presence of different people, so seeking to nail down anything within it proved to be elusive and failed to provide any impressive statistical significance. However the team learned a great deal about the practice and process and especially - how the observer affects the observed in one-on-one interactions.  


The published study can be found here.

BTI has also partnered with the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) to conduct research on Biofield Tuning distance sessions. Our recent pre-pilot study involving two volunteers who were hooked up to a variety of technologies at the IONS Discovery Lab produced compelling data, and we plan to conduct a larger, more formal study with 20 volunteers in the future.


Upcoming Research

Distance Biofield Tuning for Anxiety Study with CHI

We are about to undertake a grant-funded (Francis and Forrest Lattner Foundation), IRB approved three week study with 15 volunteers who will be receiving three Biofield Tuning sessions (one each week) for three weeks total, and will be reporting their experience with their anxiety.

This study will test both the efficacy of Biofield Tuning as a treatment for anxiety as well as the concept of distance healing. This study will also be submitted for peer-review.

Biofield Sports Medicine Pilot with MICO University College

Unfortunately this project had to be put on hold due to COVID-19, however we hope to re-engage in autumn 2021.


This opportunity to create a pilot program in Biofield Sports Medicine (BSM) with MICO University College of Kingston, Jamaica came about through our Tuners Without Borders effort. In the fall of 2020, a certificate course in BSM will be offered through the Continuing Education department of MICO. This program will be available to both MICO students and members of the sports medicine community of Kingston.


As MICO has many students athletes, including Olympic athletes, we will be able to amass data working with this population regarding speed of injury recovery, range of motion improvements, pain reduction, and athletic performance.


Having the opportunity to learn and integrate this practice will be an enormous opportunity for the Jamaican sports medicine community, who have been confounded by the rampant injuries of young athletes that have been taking them out of the game before they have the opportunity to get anywhere. There has also been a recognition of the need to start collecting data regarding best therapeutic intervention practices.


This partnership is a win-win in that it provides the sports medicine community in Jamaica with potential solutions to two problems they are seeking solutions for, and it provides BTI the opportunity to engage with an academic institution to do shared research and data collection.


In order to make this program affordable for Jamaicans, BTI needs to cover the shortfall to bring our teachers to Kingston. By providing scholarship to students, and by setting a research program, BTI fulfills both its missions of outreach and research combined in this one effort.


The data we collect and the potential outcomes of improved recovery and performance could go a very long way in having Biofield Medicine become an understood and accepted approach, not just for athletes but for everyone.


Please consider making a donation to support our research efforts to bring the biofield into the realm of accepted science and medicine!

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