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Our vision, as well as that of our founder Eileen McKusick, is to relieve unnecessary suffering in the world and support whole health living through sound. 



The Biofield Tuning Institute (BTI) is a nonprofit founded to support the global advancement of biofield science through research, collaboration, education, and outreach. BTI provides peer reviewed evidence that supports the efficacy of biofield interventions and bridges the gap between biofield and allopathic medicine. 

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Biofield Tuning Overview


Biofield Tuning challenges the widely held scientific view that consciousness exists because of and within the brain. Rather, Biofield Tuning is based on a vibrational medicine view of health that enables Biofield Tuning practitioners to identify and work with both mind and memory through an interaction with a person’s biological field, or biofield. 


The biofield - both the electrical current that runs through the body and the magnetic field that surrounds it - is a complex organizing information/energy field that is engaged in the generation, maintenance, and regulation of biological functioning.


Eileen began her clinical research with tuning forks in 1996 - since that time she has worked with thousands of clients and trained thousands of students worldwide in the Biofield Tuning method. 

Eileen McKusick and CHI Research


Clinical reports from practitioners and their clients are very consistent: people report less pain, less anxiety, improved performance, a greater sense of personal freedom, a sense of being “lighter”, the experience of “getting unstuck”,  and much more. There is also a consensus among practitioners that the Biofield Anatomy map is a highly effective tool for determining the age and nature of distortions within the field.


Over the years, Eileen has applied multiple research approaches to Biofield Tuning, including making use of a wide variety of devices: medical thermography, EEGs, the Bio-well, the Biofield Viewer, Heart Rate Variability, Faraday cages, biophoton counters, and more. All of these devices have demonstrated interesting and significant shifts in before-and-after readings. 

More recently we have conducted and published 2 peer review studies.


Our most recent published Anxiety Feasibility Study with Consciousness and Healing Initiative (CHI)

In December of 2020, BTI partnered with the Consciousness and Healing Initiative (CHI), an organization that includes a team of established Biofield Science researchers, to enroll 15 volunteers with clinical anxiety in a feasibility study to receive 3 distance (Zoom) Biofield Tuning sessions, one hour a week for 3 weeks. The outcomes of this study were quite dramatic - every person who completed the process (13/15) experienced a significant drop in their anxiety symptoms.


This study yielded 2 peer reviewed papers - a Quantitative one, which can be found here; and a Qualitative paper, which goes into the experiences of participants, can be found here.


In the wake of the success of this study, CHI and BTI are now undertaking a fully funded 3 year study with 60 volunteers and a control group to further investigate the efficacy and ease with which this approach helps to mitigate the symptoms of clinical anxiety. 

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Inter-Rater Agreement of Biofield Tuning: Testing a Novel Health Assessment Procedure


From 2017-2018, CHI and BTI partnered in their first grant funded study (from the Forrest and Frances Lattner Foundation) to discover if there was an objective pattern in individual biofields that could be discovered by multiple people. 


This approach was taken as a precursor to creating a diagnostic device that could potentially make visible on a screen the energetic patterns held in the biofield in the same way that the tuning forks make these energetic patterns audible.  

The CHI-designed protocol tested whether multiple Biofield Tuning practitioners would be able to identify the same areas of turbulence within a series of volunteers. What the exercise revealed was that each practitioner identified different areas of turbulence - there was very little “interrater agreement” between the 3 skilled practitioners as to where significant areas of distortion were held in the fields.


Rather than failing to support our hypothesis, the study demonstrated some important factors about one on one clinical interactions. The human biofield is a dynamic, resonant, electromagnetic expression that resonates differently in the presence of different people - “we exist in the space between each other”. 


Taking the time to do this exercise showed us that different practitioners will encounter and resonate with different pockets of information in each individual due to the “observer effect”. 

Ultimately, what this study did was deter Eileen from wanting to create a technology to visualize the biofield and instead invest energy in training practitioners as she realized the most important factor in receiving care is a caring and attentive human heart.

Consciousness and Healing Initiative

Current Outreach and Collaboration

The exciting opportunity to create a pilot program in Biofield Sports Therapy (BST) with the GC Foster College of Physical Education and Sport in Spanish Town, Jamaica came about through our pilot Tuners Without Borders effort.  


This effort began in 2018 and involved volunteers on the BTI team making multiple journeys to Kingston to provide free tuning forks and “peer to peer” trainings in a  simplified version of Biofield Tuning. After teaching classes at the YMCA, Boys Town School in Trench Town, and an ongoing group with the Church of Ascension, (and after a 2 year hiatus of efforts due to Covid) we made the connection to the team at GC Foster in 2022.





The slogan of GC Foster, a unique and esteemed Jamaica institution that provides undergraduate and graduate degrees in all things sports related, is “a sound mind in a sound body”. After witnessing Eileen’s demonstration and explanation of the method, they saw the enormous benefit this sound therapy could provide to both their students and their athletes, and they made the decision to make the training part of their 4 year Sports Massage program.


Biofield Sports Therapy training will begin at GC Foster in January of 2024 and be a combination of in person and online learning. Having access to learning and integrating this practice will be of enormous benefit for the Jamaican sports medicine community, who have been confounded by the rampant injuries of young athletes – injuries that have been taking them out of the game before they have the chance to get anywhere. 


The program also provides students with the opportunity to start to make use of a new research lab where they are looking to create a “best practices” database of approaches for helping athletes to recover and perform optimally.

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This partnership is a win-win in that it provides the sports medicine community in Jamaica with potential solutions to two problems they are seeking solutions for, and it provides BTI the opportunity to engage with an academic institution to do shared research and data collection.


The data we collect and the potential outcomes of improved recovery and performance could go a very long way in having Biofield Therapies become an understood and accepted approach, not just for athletes but for everyone.  And by helping found a research program and providing scholarship to students, BTI fulfills both its missions of outreach and research combined in this one effort.


In order to make this program affordable for Jamaicans, BTI needs to cover the significant shortfall between the cost of the program and what the Jamaican students can afford. 

We currently have scholarships for 20 students which include training and tools - your donation can help us to enroll more students to become Biofield Sports Therapy providers.


Please consider making a donation in any amount to help us continue to thrive in our mission of “normalizing the biofield”!

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