Our Biofield Tuning instructors have gone through extensive individualized training with Biofield Tuning founder Eileen Day McKusick. All are in the top of their fields and have demonstrated extreme dedication to health and wellness throughout their professional lives. 

Eileen Day McKusick

Executive Instructor

Founder of Biofield Tuning, Master of Arts degree in Education

Eileen Day McKusick is an internationally recognized thought leader in the fields of therapeutic sound and the human biofield. She is the originator of Biofield Tuning (also known as "sound balancing") a unique therapeutic method utilizing tuning forks; founder of the Biofield Tuning Institute; and the author of the best-selling Nautilus Award-winning book Tuning the Human Biofield: Healing with Vibrational Sound Therapy. Currently Eileen teaches Advanced classes only.

Jillian Faldmo

Lead Instructor & Director of Training

Registered Nurse, Life Coach

Jillian started learning Biofield Tuning at a time when she was tired of the conventional medical system and was in search of something more. She found Eileen in 2011 when she began to receive sessions from her.

In 2014 Jillian decided to get certified and in 2016, She officially left her full-time nursing job to build her full-time Biofield Tuning practice. She finally felt like she could make a difference in the lives of the people in her care!

Over the past 4 years, Jillian has contributed to the mission of Biofield Tuning by stepping into the role of Director of Training. Jillian absolutely loves working with students and practitioners in our training program!

Jillian recognizes the need for our graduates to receive continued support after training. She integrates remote tune-ups and coaching as a way to support Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioners grow personally and professionally.

Angela Kent

Lead Instructor & Curriculum Co-Director

Yoga Teacher 200 RYT

Angela received a bachelor's degree in wellness and alternative medicine from Johnson State College in 2007, where she was first introduced to Eileen McKusick. Her studies focused on mind/body medicine, health and healing, with a particular focus in yoga, Ayurveda and massage therapy.

Biofield Tuning has played a significant role in Angela's own healing and she has had the privilege of witnessing and experiencing the development and evolution of the method over many years. In 2012, she began taking classes with Eileen and in 2014 was given the unique opportunity to become an apprentice. Since then she has developed her own private practice and as the Co-Director of Training has helped to develop the curriculum for the Biofield Tuning education programs. Angela is also an active board member for the Biofield Tuning Institute and a Biofield Tuning researcher.

Michele Kasper

Lead Instructor & Curriculum Co-Director

Physical Therapist, Biofield Tuning Teacher

Michele is passionate about using Biofield Tuning to help people reclaim their life-force energy, restore wellness and live productive, resilient lives.

Michele earned a bachelor's degree in audiology and speech pathology from Michigan State University in 1984 and then received a second bachelor's degree in physical therapy at Northwestern University in 1986. In 2016, she became a Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner and just one year later, after working closely with Eileen McKusick, she became one of the first Certified Biofield Tuning Instructors. In addition she participated in the creation of the teacher training manual which is helping to educate Biofield Tuning teachers and students.

Michele is also trained in Hypnotherapy, PSYCH-K, ThetaHealing, Reiki, AromaTouch massage and sound baths with Alchemy crystal bowls. She may incorporate these modalities into her individual wellness sessions.

Jessica Luibrand

Instructor & International Class Coordinator

Subtle Energy Researcher, Yoga Teacher 200 RYT, Certified Pranic Healer

Jess has a Bachelor's Degree in Health Sciences and became focused on studying alternative therapies in 2007 after a health crisis caused by prescribed drugs inspired her to research other options. Even before this, Jess studied the healing arts, motivated by the realization that healing has three interrelated parts: physical, emotional and metaphysical/spiritual.

She found Biofield Tuning while she was working as a Subtle Energy Researcher in a San Diego laboratory, studying the effects of energy healing on the biofield and body. She was a client of Biofield Tuning first, but after experiencing how effective and efficient it was, she became a Biofield Tuning Practitioner and later one of the first Biofield Tuning Instructors.

Jess’s home base is Arizona; however, as the International Class Coordinator and a Tuners without Borders Committee member she is often on the move and available for distance sessions.

Lori Rhoades


Registered Nurse, Healing Touch, Reiki, Sound Energy Dynamics (by Christopher Tims) Integrative Chakra Therapy (by Dr. Richard Jelusich), Qigong Level 1 Trainer (Supreme Science Qigong)

Lori is a Registered Nurse, with many years of varied experience, practicing with a holistic approach that encompasses the whole person - body, mind, and spirit - in all things. She has found Biofield Tuning to be an easy and elegant holistic modality that facilitates well-being and lasting change.

By dismantling the concepts, beliefs and thoughts that hold us victim, we can reorganize those energy patterns into fuel that inspires and empowers us to be the most vibrant expression of wellness. Through the physics principle of harmonics, the body can actually release itself from dis-ease and become reconnected with the eternal presence, blueprint of well-being, and full human potential that is within each of us.

Claudia Akin


Bachelor of Education with over 30 years of teaching experience, Tai Chi & Lian Gong Teacher and Practitioner, Feng Shui Researcher & Practitioner

The rush of today’s lifestyle contributes to the loss of harmonic rhythm and balance within our bodily systems. Biofield Tuning is an elegant and efficient non-medical therapeutic method that uses tuning forks to access and align dissonances in the human biomagnetic field.

Claudia’s studies and training in Biofield Tuning with Eileen McKusick began in 2014. As a practitioner in this field, Claudia aligns with the notion that having a coherently aligned biomagnetic field, gives one the freedom to live a healthier lifestyle. Using attention and intention throughout the Biofield Tuning process, she has worked with clients, friends & family members to achieve therapeutic relief through sound.

After a session, client’s report feeling happier in the present moment and having more clarity while working on life projects.

Toni Cross


Diploma in Education

Toni’s work as an educator began with a Diploma in Education in 1970. Her "hands-on" teaching experience spans 40+ years and her background in tuning fork therapy is extensive. She was the first Australian teacher for Acutonics in 2005 and the founder of Tuning Fork Therapies Australia in 2011.

Not only is Toni the author of “Five Elements, Five Planetary Tuning Forks, and Five Personalities,” she is also co-writer of “First Aid with Tuning Forks” which incorporates the treatment of 50 common health disorders using Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as “Beauty from the Orient”, which focuses on facial rejuvenation using tuning forks and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Holly Celestine


Rejuvenation Engineer, Vibrational Sound Therapy Specialist & Teacher, Certified Reiki Master, Certified Massage Therapist

Holly’s mission as a Rejuvenation Engineer is to liberate and activate human potential. In her quest for balance and harmony, she discovered sound frequency and vibration can achieve targeted nervous system relaxation and play a vital role in promoting mental, emotional and physical well being. She therefore uses Biofield Tuning and a variety of vibrational sound therapy modalities in her practice to help improve her clients’ lives.

She looks forward to teaching Biofield Tuning and meeting those who wish to learn more about sound healing.

Marielle Fisher


Bachelor of Science in Ecological Agriculture, Ecological Herbalist

Marielle draws deep inspiration from the natural world. She was elated when she found Biofield Tuning in 2017 and quickly dove in, learning all she could as she witnessed her own health issues resolve. Her commitment to holistic healing has led her to study reiki, herbalism, doula support, yoga and a shamanic apprenticeship along the way.

She enjoys holding space for clients while she helps them move past their subconscious blocks and move forward on their path of authentic wellbeing and empowerment.

Marielle brings a deep container of compassion to her sound healing practice, offering in-person and distance Biofield Tuning sessions based out of Kaua'i, Hawai'i.

Mary McGillivray


Practitioner at the Vermont Biofield Tuning Clinic, Speech Language Pathology Assistant

Mary's lifelong interest in what makes people thrive led her to the power and beauty of Biofield Tuning. She became a Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner in March, 2018. With warmth and humor, she helps clients remove emotional blocks so they can be the happy, loving people they fundamentally are.

As a Speech Language Pathology Assistant for ten years, she worked with children on the Autism Spectrum and with other cognitive and physical challenges. Mary welcomes working with clients of all ages and abilities.

Mary’s approach to Biofield Tuning involves mirroring back people's essence to them and removing noise that may be clouding their self-image so their inherent brilliance can shine through. With understanding and compassion, old charged issues are put to rest so clients can become the architects of the life that they want to live.

Suzanne Offutt


Reiki Master with Karuna Holy Fire, Education Leadership Ed D, M.S. in Communication Disorders, Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher

Suzanne is a retired educator who has worked as a Speech Language Pathologist and as an Elementary School Principal for over 35 years. During those years she witnessed the growing urgent need for students, parents, teachers and administrators to learn to manage stress. As a lifelong follower of meditation, she brought those practices into her work environment and continues to provide Mindfulness and Meditation teaching in her community. Her dissertation on the development of resilience in children and adults helped to shape her understanding of the importance of strong beliefs in self worth, the value of meaningful personal connections among students, parents, schools and communities, and the value of opening to possibility in life.

Along with teaching Biofield Tuning, she also has a private practice in her hometown of Shepherdstown, WV.

Leslie Barnett


Integrative Health Coaching, Live Food Health Educator, Lyme Disease Counseling, Reiki, PEMF Therapy, M.A. Education, B.A. Psychology

Leslie was introduced to Biofield Tuning in 2016 and was immediately drawn to its simplicity, science and effectiveness. She had already embraced the healing power of frequencies during her training in Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy. Having investigated many alternative healing approaches, Leslie feels that Biofield Tuning is a transformational, state-of-the-art methodology from which everyone can benefit.

Earlier in her career, Leslie worked in sales and research for large investment firms. Now, her focus is on researching developments in energy medicine and physics. She enjoys sharing her research as an educator, health coach and Biofield Tuner.

Leslie currently has a practice in the Boston area.

Robin Barnes


Usui Reiki Master, Certified BioAcoustic Practitioner, Intuitive Sound Performer & Healer

Robin earned an Accounting degree from Northeastern University in 1983 and has enjoyed multiple careers including real estate, teaching and music. As a professional singer, she was fascinated by sound and its effect on the body; this became the focus of her interest in alternative healing. Becoming a Certified BioAcoustic Practitioner and Reiki Master in 2013, Robin began her Biofield Tuning practice in 2016, studying directly with Eileen McKusick. Her love of teaching and passion for Biofield Tuning lead her to become an instructor.

Robin has a full time healing practice and is passionate about wellness and healing the body through alternative methods. She’s also a performer and hosts Sound Immersions throughout Nashville, TN, her home base.

Shannon Brooks


Master of Arts in Counseling

Shannon graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with bachelor's degrees in English and Psychology, and a minor in Communications. She received a master’s degree in Counseling from Texas State University in 1999. She has 15 years’ experience as a licensed psychotherapist, working in private practice, as well as corporate and university settings.

Deeply drawn to the therapeutic use of sound, Shannon found Biofield Tuning, which she feels is her true calling. Today her work is primarily as a Biofield Tuning practitioner and instructor. She is honored to help bring this 21st century healing modality to those seeking wellness and healing.

Shannon's background also includes 10 years as a gardener and landscaper, and a deep love of choral singing.

Matthew Faldmo


Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Sound Guided Meditation Practitioner

Matthew's passion for wellness began in 2016 when he became a Nutritional Therapy practitioner. He soon realized, however, that as important as nutrition can be, it was not effective in resolving the health issues of people with poorly managed stress. It was then that he became curious about the relationship of the body, mind, and emotions. Soon his research led him to Biofield Tuning everything clicked! He became certified as a Biofield Tuning practitioner in 2017, and given his passion for teaching others, he soon after began the training to become a Biofield Tuning instructor.

Along with teaching Biofield Tuning, Matthew loves raising two beautiful daughters to be strong, resilient women and also enjoys running and mountain biking. He is interested in finding out how Biofield Tuning can impact athletics.

Penny Murray


Personal Success Institute, Founder of Gratitude Box Gift Co.

Penny chose to become a Biofield Tuning instructor and practitioner because of her experience as a client, trust in the theory, and being witness to multiple profound changes in her life and the lives of friends and family.

A client of Eileen McKusick beginning in 2007, Penny was part of many discoveries that are now taught in the Biofield Tuning curriculum. Her background with Biofield Tuning provides her with adept skill as a practitioner, and an enriched perspective of what is possible when one’s energy and biofield is functioning in a charged, coherent manner.

Penny loves her life In Teton Valley, Idaho with her lifelong best friend and husband, Ronny and two dogs.

Biofield Tuning Instructors

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