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Woman using Sonic Slider Tuning Fork on her Arm

Feel Better

Look Great

In just 7 minutes a day

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A revolutionary tuning fork with a wide range of benefits for health & well being 

The Sonic Slider Tuning Fork uses a sound frequency* which works with the body's own healing powers to provide a wide range benefits.

Users report more energy, greater well-being, weight loss, increased muscle definition, smoother skin, reduced pain, improved circulation and more.  

Man using the Sonic Slider Tuning Fork
The Sonic Slider uses frequency 93.96, which is the 12th harmonic of the  Schumann Resonance  -  the electromagnetic resonance of the Earth's atmosphere. This resonance has been shown to increase vitality and the body's natural ability to heal.

Better Skin

I've been using the Sonic Slider twice a day for the last two weeks on my face and body.  I saw a friend yesterday and she said "Oh my god your skin looks amazing!


Weight Loss

Within a span of three to four weeks, and with no other changes to my lifestyle, I dropped from 118 to 106 pounds!


Less Pain

It almost immediately reduces or eliminates my pain.  It also seems to activate my muscles in ways that allow me to more easily exercise and to strengthen....


Woman using the Sonic Slider Tuning Fork on her Face



The Sonic Slider's special frequency can produce noticeable changes in just 7 minutes a day. With

  • No batteries

  • No chemicals

  • No subscriptions

It comes with a detailed step-by-step instructional booklet and three online video tutorials.

Discover the Sonic Slider

& Custom Accessories

Sonic Slider Tuning Fork and Accessories
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