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Woman using Sonic Slider Tuning Fork on her Arm

Feel Better
Look Great

In just 7 minutes a day


A revolutionary tuning fork with a wide range of benefits for health & well being 


Emotional Well-being

Emotional well-being and electric health go hand in hand. Invite daily relaxation, balance, and coherence with the Sonic Slider. Use this elegant tool to create a soothing self-care routine that aids in the healthy processing of naturally flowing emotions.


Pain Relief

The Sonic Slider is the ultimate First Aid Tool. Put the power to soothe aches and pains, relieve tension, and promote healing in your own hands. Our customers and practitioners agree, this is the go-to tuning fork for quick, natural pain relief at home and on the go.


Internal Health

Discover the many benefits of boosting your inner fires with the Sonic Slider. A simple daily routine of can improve digestion, promote deeper breathing, and create internal coherence and space. Use it to reduce inner and outer tension and promote healthy flow.

Physical Appearance

Glow with electric health inside and out! The Sonic Slider is an absolute favorite daily beauty and get-buff tool for so many happy members of the tuning community. Use it from head to toe to smooth, firm, energize, and brighten your skin and everything it covers—from your fascia right down to your bones.

Sonic Slider™ users report more energy, greater well-being, weight loss, increased muscle definition, smoother skin, reduced pain, improved circulation and more!


Improved Sleep

Sleep is when we rejuvenate and recharge, and our bodies rest and recover from the day. Users of the Sonic Slider tell us that they enjoy better quality sleep and deeper relaxation overall. Charge your battery to full capacity (with better sleep).


Athletic Performance

Useful from warm up to cool down, the Sonic Slider is a powerful, simple addition to your workout and sporting routine. Tone and stretch muscles, invite alignment and coherence, calm and focus your mind, improve your breathing, and shorten recovery time all with this one acoustic tool. Say goodbye to cords, batteries, and EMF's with the self-powered, portable Slider. Boost your electric health and ignite your performance potential!

BiofieldTuning_New_Icons_Pet Wellbeing.png

Pet Well-being

Just like us, animals benefit from enhanced electric health. Pets report (through their loving humans) that the Sonic Slider eases pain, promotes relaxation, and just feels good! Some love it directly on the body, others in their biofield. Your pet will let you know what is right for them. Many humans report that their animals ask to be included in their daily sliding sessions!

BiofieldTuning_New_Icons_And More.png

And More!

Use the Sonic Slider to tune spaces like your home, office, or car. Your plants will love you even more if you include them in your electric health routine. You can use it to tune your drinking water! Follow your curiosity and see what you discover as you brighten your electric health and environment. This empowering, elegant tool has endless applications.

Man using the Sonic Slider Tuning Fork
The Sonic Slider uses frequency 93.96, which is the 12th harmonic of the  Schumann Resonance  -  the electromagnetic resonance of the Earth's atmosphere. This resonance has been shown to increase vitality and the body's natural ability to heal.
Sonic Slider Before and After
Sonic Slider Before and After



"I look lighter and brighter [however] what you don't see (besides the eye and jowl lift) is that my EYESIGHT got better in both eyes!"

—  Karen  —

Better Skin

I've been using the Sonic Slider twice a day for the last two weeks on my face and body.  I saw a friend yesterday and she said "Oh my god your skin looks amazing!


Weight Loss

Within a span of three to four weeks, and with no other changes to my lifestyle, I dropped from 118 to 106 pounds!


Less Pain

It almost immediately reduces or eliminates my pain.  It also seems to activate my muscles in ways that allow me to more easily exercise and to strengthen....





The Sonic Slider's special frequency can produce noticeable changes in just 7 minutes a day. With

  • No batteries

  • No chemicals

  • No subscriptions

It comes with a detailed step-by-step instructional booklet and three online video tutorials.

Results from using the Sonic Slider Tuning Fork 7 minutes a day, twice a day for 28 days.





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