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I have integrated Biofield Tuning into my painting therapy practice and have combined these two modalities effectively. When I begin working with a client, I use Biofield Tuning to access the client and continue using tuning forks as part of each session where appropriate. For some clients it is the sound that is the door to their healing journey and for others it is color.

Training in The Netherlands, I am one of 8 women with a diploma in Collot Painting Therapy (Art Therapy) from the Medical Section, Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland and am currently working in the USA. Painting therapy work is recognized all over the world through the initiatives of Rudolf Steiner including Waldorf Education, Biodynamic Agriculture, Camphill Communities, the arts and sciences.

Educated in the Fine Arts and in Waldorf Teacher Training, I work in Steiner/Waldorf communities with children and adults teaching painting according to the Universal Laws of Light, Darkness and Color in schools and clinics around the country and the world.

Martha Loving Orgain

Collot Painting Therapist, Master of FIne Arts



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