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Biofield Tuning Master's Thesis

"Exploring the Effects of Audible Sound on the Body and Its Biofield" was the basis for Eileen Day McKusick's award-winning book Tuning the Human Biofield.  

Eileen researched and wrote this master's thesis between 2010-2012.  Since then, there have been many new publications on the subject, however researchers of the biofield and therapeutic sound may find useful resources here.


Author, researcher and sound therapy practitioner Eileen McKusick recorded sound signals produced by tuning forks during therapeutic tuning fork sessions and rendered the signal visible in spectrogram view through a software program (Raven Pro). In looking for correlations between changes in the signal and changes in the reported state of the participants, McKusick sought to observe patterns between signal strength and coherence, and the participants reported feeling states. Since the tuning forks are used between four inches and six feet off the body, explorations in the literature regarding the human energy field, or “biofield” are considered in the literature review, as are other therapeutic sound treatments.

Link to complete thesis (PDF)

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