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A Solstice Message

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

After the winter solstice at 5:02 am EST tomorrow, December 21st, Jupiter and Saturn will conjunct at 0 degrees of Aquarius, at 7:21 am EST.

As Jupiter, the planet of expansion, and Saturn, the planet of contraction, align in Aquarius, it is believed that this conjunction has the potential to kickstart a new era. Whether or not this new era is the start of the fabled Age of Aquarius is up for debate in the world of astrology, however, all agree it is a sign we are about to see many of the themes of this age unfold.

This will be a highly charged point in time that represents infinite possibilities and potential, a time when all things are possible and a new foundation is being created. New beginnings on a grand scale!

This is the first time that these influential planets have been represented in an air sign in over 600 years. The sign of Aquarius is about creating and experiencing things that work through waves, signals, and energy. It is also revolutionary, high tech, digital, and relates to creating different types of leadership and communities, introducing us to new ways of thinking and being.

Through this new orientation, Aquarius has the potential to bring advancements in medicine by opening to energy and wave-based practices like sound healing, in fact, the symbols for Aquarius are dynamic waves and the Water Bearer, water being a carrier of electric charge.

This Aquarian energy wants us to be more free, fluid, electric and connected. It wants us to Marie Kondo our lives so we can freely enter into this fluidity. After the challenges of 2020, many of us are more than ready to dance to a different tune!

Because this important celestial event seems worthy of preparation, I have conducted a Group Audio Session - Preparing for the Solstice. During this session, which was held and recorded at the height of the full solar eclipse on December 14, my tuning fork did something I have never seen in decades of work and thousands of sessions: it acted like a vacuum cleaner instead of a broom or magnet like it usually does.

It felt like the tuning fork was sucking up dust bunnies and cobwebs, flotsam and jetsam, bric-a-brac and chotskies - sucking away the useless junk we no longer need, and leaving a spaciousness of pure potential in its place.

This experience makes sense to me in the context of moving from a period when we were more focused on the material/particle aspects of life, to a new period where we are more focused on the immaterial/wave aspects of life. It is time to clean the slate and begin anew, less encumbered, more open to possibilities.

If you haven’t already felt inspired to do so, now feels like a good time to get rid of pointless or useless encumbrances, to lighten our material load and also to look at our own programming - to press delete on old files, to let go of old false beliefs so we can review and rewrite them.

Take these dark days of winter as an opportunity to really go within, and embrace the quiet, rarely found in our culture during the habitual busyness of Christmas. Maybe this excuse to stay home and be still for a change is exactly what we all need at this time.

2020 has not been easy for just about all of us. Keeping heart and hope seems like a monumental effort! But maybe, as the rooster reminds us, it is darkest before the dawn, and we are about to see the light emerge in ways we could never have imagined! 🌟

Sending you many bright blessings and much love,

Eileen McKusick and the Biofield Tuning Team

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