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Scrambled Bread and Salka

I had a student in a recent class who was from Italy but had been living in the United States for the last 8 years or so. She described to us her experience shopping for breadcrumbs. Since she didn’t know the word for them, she made one up - “I am looking for scrambled bread”, she told the sales clerk, and together they figured it out.

This metaphor of scrambled bread – although it is actually more like stuffing mix than breadcrumbs – has stuck in my mind, because it describes the consistency of human energy that has become overwrought.

Previously I have described the feel of this energy in terms of chopped liver, but really, I much prefer the metaphor of scrambled bread – because there is a Part B to the metaphor, and a concept behind it worth understanding and relating to.

Part B is Salka – the undomesticated, wild energy of the natural world, the natural flowing energy of the cosmos. I was fortunate to meet a Peruvian teacher, Don Américo Yábar, when I attended and spoke at the Science and NonDuality conference a few years ago, who introduced me to this concept.

I have really come to see the difference between Salka energy in our system, which is long and flowing like a baguette, and domesticated, stressed, overwrought energy in our system, which is minced, diced, and scrambled, like scrambled bread.

This scrambled consistency arises from us being penned and domesticated. We are made to sit still in school, our bodies frozen while our minds overwork. Yabar describes this phenomenon as “flying heads” – that we are all heads flying around disconnected from our bodies, and disconnected from the natural world.

This comes at a significant cost to our well-being, and creates a kind of anxiety-prone, boxed-in, misperception about who we are and what we are capable of. We are made to feel small, limited, disconnected and powerless. We are cut off from flow, from Salka, and in this isolation, our energy suffers from lack of freedom, and our bodies begin to fall apart.

I have come to see, especially through working with the concentrated energy of groups, how Biofield Tuning liberates Salka and heals the tendency towards scrambled bread. As we become more in touch with our wild and healthy and flowing and ultimately infinite nature, we heal on every level of our being.

When you are feeling stressed or pressured, when you feel your energy churning into an overwrought state, ask yourself, what do I need to do to bring some Salka into this equation? How can I open the spigot to that natural flow, flowing all around me and through me, that has been walled out of my consciousness by my culture?

The human spirit craves this freedom and connection, and as we learn to recognize the difference between our wild healthy selves and our stressed domesticated selves, we start to discover where and when and how to claim what is naturally ours.

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