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Meet the 144 Hz Unweighted Tuning Fork!

Hi there!

I am excited to introduce to you our newest tuning fork at the Biofield Tuning Store. Meet the 144 Hz unweighted fork, which is not to be confused with our 144 Hz weighted fork. They are very different animals. I created the small, weighted 144 Hz first, as part of our Fibonacci pair. I love that weighted fork -it's so useful for getting through difficult things in the biofield. Since the weighted 144 was so useful, I decided to find out what the unweighted version sounded like.

I commissioned a prototype, and sure enough, the unweighted 144 is also quite powerful, but in a very different way. This fork produces extremely evident overtones and undertones when it encounters something that is out of balance. You can hear it distinctly, and you can feel it. In fact, I held it over my son's knees - he's got some issues with alignment - and he said it sounded like an alien abduction was taking place!

Because this fork is so wild and so demonstrative, it can be a little unnerving. I gave a gift of this fork to each one of my Biofield Tuning teachers, and pretty much without exception when everybody first got it, they were like “Eileen. What were you thinking with this fork?” They didn't like it at first, and then they gradually started to use it. They started to get to know it. Now every single one of them would not be without it.

The way that the world has changed in the last few years, I found that the tools that I've been previously using, (the 174, 417 and 528 Hz unweighted forks), just were not cutting through the thick fear, stress, and pollution inputs that we've experienced. In contrast, the unweighted 144 Hz fork does cut through, and it really gets right in there.

Now, because the open 144 is such a powerful fork, because it makes strange sounds, because you might not like it at first, because it goes to those places you might have been avoiding - it is not a beginner fork. If you're just getting into tuning fork healing, don't buy this fork. If you've been using forks for a while, you're ready for this, but I would advise you not to use it on clients in their first session. Warm them up with the other forks before you come in with this one. Absolutely spend some time listening to it, sitting with it, getting to know it, and even tuning yourself, tuning your own hologram, doing a distance session on yourself.

I've been perfectly happy just hanging out holding it next to my head. I notice that the feedback that it provides causes my body to want to come into deeper alignment in a kind of micro sort of way. This fork has been revelatory to me, and I'm so grateful to have it.

So, it's pretty special! It's got very long tines. It also has a very long handle. You will not find another unweighted fork on the market that has a handle this long. Because the fork itself is so long, you really need that long handle for it to be comfortable in your hand. Also, some of them, like the one that I've been using, have tines that get a little bit closer at the end. So if your fork comes that way, it's perfectly OK for it to be that way. It does not affect the performance of the tool.

So, there you go! The fork you've been waiting for, the 144 Hz unweighted tuning fork, is available now at! Enjoy, and let me hear about your experiences with it if you get one!

- Eileen

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