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Letting the Light Shine In & Out

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Solstice greetings friends!

As we transition through this portal of the Solstice, I would like to invite you to consider your BELIEFS - what you believe in, what you don't believe in - and how holding false beliefs is one of the most constricting, limiting things we can do.

For a few years around 2012, I had a teacher named Dominic. He had a very profound influence on me, specifically in the subjects of BELIEFS and PATIENCE.

Dominic was a client of mine, an older gentleman, who started to come see me to help restore stability to his right arm after it had been damaged during a surgery. Dominic was, among many other things, an artist – one who could no longer paint due to the continual tremors he was experiencing.

He was also a student of the Sufi mystic and teacher Vilaya Inayat Khan (the son of Inayat Khan) for over 30 years. Dominic traveled all over the world and learned all manner of things under the instruction of his teacher.

At Dominic's second session with me, mentioned that Khan had told him that one day, he would meet someone to pass his teachings on to. He said that he had been waiting for decades to find that person. After his first session, Dominic was quite certain that person was me.

Free Your Mind

So, he came to see me every week, and even though he paid me to do Biofield Tuning with him, each day was a lesson of sorts for me. He was particularly good at picking out my blind spots and reflecting them back to me with wisdom and kindness.

One day, after I explained space from an Electric Universe perspective to him, Dominic said, "You mustn't hold tightly to beliefs. They get in the way of you seeing truth."

It was an interesting comment that gave me pause - and it certainly matched up with my observations. I had found that some of the most difficult structures to uproot in the biofield were false beliefs.

If someone decided when they were an infant left to "cry it out" in their crib that no one listens to what they have to say or cares about their needs, I have found it very difficult to get the body to drop the lens of distortion that makes their experience of that belief "true".

Meaning if you believe something strongly enough, you are going to create that experience - because all of life's inputs flow in through the lens, experiences, and distortions in our own electric perception.

In fact, having a lot of beliefs radically limits what we are capable of perceiving or experiencing!

And, holding rigid beliefs tends to make us get more bent when we chafe up against others who have different beliefs - we certainly see that everywhere at the moment.

Observe and Question Your Beliefs

So, it makes a lot of sense to step back and start observing and questioning our own beliefs - something that is not very easy to do! Remember - we cling tightly and righteously to them!

And the discomfort of cognitive dissonance is a real thing - confronted with evidence that goes against what we believe, our first response is generally a knee jerk version of "that's not true!" (this is because it is contrary to what I already believe).

This reminds me of a session I did recently with a young man, and when I reflected his brilliance and his gifts back to him, he said to me, "I don't believe you". This is a great example of how we have been trained to, in the words of my friend Juliet Rains, "hijack our own light" and refuse to accept our own brilliance.

I've found that most people struggle with cognitive dissonance, don't like the discomfort and the fear that it raises, and so, simply retreat back into the safety of what they believe. We get stuck with small minds and the strife that goes along with defending and asserting and judging and whatnot, instead of opening our minds to what may be liberating and illuminating

As we go through the window of this changing of seasons, I invite you to shine that light of your own awareness into the subconscious beliefs and stories that may be restricting you and causing you unnecessary grief. After all - everything is just waves in space!

When the waveforms of our electric body are harmonious, we have a harmonious experience of life. When they are restricted, distorted, clouded over, locked down, fearful - then we have that experience of life. Harmony is all around us - we have never left the Garden.

Working through dissonance and reframing beliefs both require the essential component of Patience. It takes time to unburden ourselves of the heavy and distorted energy we are all wrapped in. The entire world is pretty distorted at the moment! Everyone is at a different place in their journey - and so it is important that we are patient with ourselves and patient with others.

You are the Light of the World

You - all of us - are the light of the world. And nothing dims that light more than false beliefs and old stories. A free mind is a mind free of beliefs, a mind that is content to live with the mystery, a mind that admits it only views the world and all the information in it through a tiny slit. It is a relief to not know, to not defend, to rest in open-mindedness.

And so, I invite you, as we move into a new cycle of nature and a new calendar year, to be willing to leave behind the hardened, limited structure of all that you believe about yourself, others, and the world, and open your mind - patiently - to the infinite potential that exists in every moment.

With Blessings,

Eileen McKusick

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4 opmerkingen

21 dec. 2021

Thank you, Eileen, for sharing this wonderfully insightful message. Your authentic care, genuine concern and actionable advice is most welcome.

It’s amazing how we are provided with teachers at the moments that most serve… magical. In my experience we do indeed view through a narrow lens that we were first gifted with and then alter as our lives continue to unfold. So many of us have pursued an awareness and understanding of how these affect our lives. Many pathways, many lenses… as many as we are.

This lens, although somewhat foundationally limiting in what is presented to perceive, is not rigidly absolute and can be altered with determined and intentional focus. We all sense deep down that we are agreeing…


Olivia Thorsten
Olivia Thorsten
21 dec. 2021

The idea that the mind is a tiny slit is the most destructive belief known to human. You really do need to work on your very incorrect and very human-debilitating beliefs. So pathetic to disparage the human achievement this way. Dominic is right about you. You are dogmatic and wrong. This whole article is the pot calling the kettle black. You work on your beliefs, sister. I am an atheist with no beliefs and I see the world very much as it is. And right now the human population is a population of religiously-indoctrinated cattle who are trying to kill humanity and its amazing capacities, regardless of what side they are on.

21 dec. 2021
Reageren op

Dear Olivia

I have a sense of a harsh tone behind your words when I read your response. I would like to offer a comment. Read as you wish.

when I read the words “mind is a slit” I saw how individuated perspectives are just this! Like a medieval castle has slits for viewing enemy approaching & then shooting arrows from these slits. Your sharp words sent back appeared as defending arrows shot from the slit of your own narrow perception. I agree that minds can be narrow. Slits. Taking only a certain view & protecting sense of ego. You are right to say this isn’t true. Just as Eileen was explaining. Ultimately mind is U n I Versing....y…


21 dec. 2021

What a beautiful message! Thank you!!

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