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Biofield Research through the Biofield Tuning Institute

In partnership with the Consciousness and Healing Initiative (CHI) over the last several years, the Biofield Tuning Institute has been working on researching and documenting the efficiency of Biofield Tuning as a healing modality. We are excited to share that this research is now in the beginning stages of being transmitted in peer-reviewed journals.

2021 Biofield Tuning Institute Fundraiser

We take the Biofield Tuning Institute’s mission to advance biofield science and our understanding of the biofield, the body’s electrical system, very seriously, and we are excited to announce two incredible new research opportunities this year. We know that both are excellent occasions to bring the modality of Biofield Tuning to more people in need of its benefits.

After our previous feasibility study solidly demonstrated the power of Biofield Tuning to profoundly reduce anxiety in just three sessions, and at a distance, we are excited to move on to a more significant anxiety study, in partnership with CHI, which will further the research by using a control group in 2021.

Additionally, we will be conducting a Bone Density Study with the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). This study will utilize bone density scanning technology. Participants will be testing the efficiency of the Sonic Slider and the 21 Day Sonic Slider Video Series to see if regular use increases bone density.

These two studies support simple approaches that can help people feel better, live healthier, and become stronger from the comfort of their own homes. And as we have learned, convincing the general public to accept that tuning forks and understanding their electric health requires rigorous scientific investigation and documentation.

Waking people up to their electrical natures, advancing biofield science, and taking the “woo” out of energy medicine practices benefits us all as we move forward collectively into an evolved model of informational, vibrational, and electric medicine.

To support these two efforts and our non-profit, we have created a 2021 Biofield Tuning Fundraiser, giving you - our dedicated supporters, an opportunity to win fantastic Biofield Tuning prizes while 100% of proceeds will go to furthering biofield science research. Please consider purchasing a raffle ticket or making an auction bid, and please share with friends!

Thank you in advance!

Eileen McKusick

Founder, Biofield Tuning, Biofield Tuning Institute

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