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Biofield Tuning & Coronavirus

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Many folks have been asking me to offer up my perspective on the pandemic for a handful of weeks now. For several reasons, I have felt a bit reluctant to share my thoughts - the biggest being that like many of you, I really have no idea what is going on. 

I can only really depend on reports and media to form an opinion. Anyone that knows me, knows that I approach learning about things with an open, but skeptical mind. If I believed everything I was told, I would have stopped my research when I read that “there is no such thing as an energy field” and Biofield Tuning would not exist.

I have found in my many years of working with sound, that truth has a ring to it. Our ability to recognize the ring of truth could also be compared to “having an accurate bullshit meter”. I have spent my life questioning what I have been told when it hasn’t rung true to me, relentlessly digging deeper, to find what does.

Over the last few months, usually in the early morning hours before the workday begins, I have been scouring the internet - reading a great many things from a great many different sources. As a researcher, this kind of exploration comes naturally to me, and as a bothist, I don’t align with one side or another, but rather I choose to absorb what I can from all perspectives.

After sifting through mountains of information, the bottom line is, I still don’t know fully what is going on or what exactly has caused this. And it wouldn’t matter if I did. Regardless of the what’s and why’s, the truth is that while we can’t control the state of the world, we can control how we respond to it within our own minds and bodies.

In 2010, I found myself in a position in my life where I felt completely boxed in - similar to what many find themselves experiencing now. I was a full time adult college student, with two young sons, and my husband was working as a contractor.

Between being a mom and a student, I barely had time to see a few clients a week which was just enough to buy gas and groceries. Our family depended on my husband’s income to cover the lion’s share of our expenses. 

We were waiting for the big check from his last job to arrive, when the next job he had lined up fell through. Well, that check didn’t come until 90 days later and no other jobs showed up to fill the gap of his canceled one. At the end of those three months, we were teetering on the edge of being evicted and having our car repossessed and I honestly felt like the universe was intentionally messing with me, pushing me to see how much stress I could endure.

During that time, I turned inside out from the stress. It was agonizing and next to impossible to focus on writing ten page papers, staying alert in classes, feeding my family, being attentive to my clients, while worrying - worrying - worrying about whether or not we were going to “make it”.

I went through all the emotions. I remember looking at a utility bill for something like $123 and thinking it was such a small number and I was such a hardworking person, it seemed like an injustice, a cruel joke, that I couldn’t pay this measly amount and had to put it off until the next month. I was so ANGRY. As the months ground on, I was also oscillating between sadness, frustration, powerlessness, despair, and occasionally...hope. Mostly, I fought it.

Ultimately, all the emotional histrionics I went through in response to being put in this strangulating circumstance (where I had little money and no control) were utterly exhausting. It took a toll on my marriage, my kids and my health. The health issues I was struggling with before this intensified. My adrenals were shot to hell and back. My mid-back was in constant nagging pain. My digestion was a mess - I suffered from gas, bloating, indigestion, and stomach aches daily.

But you know what? At the 11th hour, just when everything was about to fall apart, that check arrived, and so did the next job for my husband. I looked back and realized that all that fussing and despairing and weeping and wailing and railing at the universe had been a complete and utter waste of energy because - it all... worked…out. 

That experience taught me a lot. After that, we lived with less uncertainty but a lot of financial constraint. However, instead of chafing against those constraints, as I had been, I decided to exercise the freedoms that I did have. I decided to take control of my health.

I started teaching my very first group of students how to do what we now call Biofield Tuning and finally was able to receive sessions myself. Supported by the work in these sessions and the information I was uncovering through my research for my Masters Thesis, I finally started to make successful strides in the issues I had been struggling with for years - a sugar addiction, digestive issues, chronic pain, a short fuse, a muffin top, and more besides.

I stopped focusing on and fussing about things that were out of my control. Instead, I used my energy to determinedly master the things that I could control. Previously, I didn’t have the energy, or the focus, to overcome these obstacles because I was too emotionally strung out from wasting my energy needlessly. 

I doubled down on my efforts to get sugar out of my diet, began walking barefoot every day and in digging deeper, I was able to find patience within myself. Ten years later, by focusing on my health and conserving my energy, I am freed from what had once weighed me down.

As ordinary humans, we have been caught up in a rip tide that we have had no control over in this moment. We can choose to resist and struggle against it, or we can surrender, go with the flow and make use of the constraints to really focus on what we CAN do, vs what we can’t do.

Here is the kicker - if you have a backlog of unprocessed emotions, like I did at that time, manifesting themselves as physical ailments and weaknesses, circumstances like this are going to yank your chain and turn you inside out. They will bring up every ant that has been hiding in your pants. 

It’s one thing to appreciate the idea of staying calm and carrying on, but it’s a whole different thing when you're experiencing uncontrollable anger or grief bubbling up from God knows where deep inside you. Know that you’re not alone. I feel you. I’ve been there. And it’s ok. 

However, all that gyrating in our stuck emotional states is ultimately a waste of energy and can be healed. Biofield Tuning finds and settles these habitual firing signals in our system and helps train our electrical bodies to rest in neutral. No matter what life throws at us, we are calmer, less reactive and less bothered. Equanimity starts to replace upset. 

The more we can remain in a state of calm equilibrium, the better our bodies function and the healthier we become. Like a bigger boat with a deeper keel, we are able to ride the swells in our environment with less perturbation. Our voltage goes up, our stress response goes down, and we are less prone to the upset and exhaustion that often leads to illness.

So, you ask, what do I have to say about all this? Raise your voltage. Clarify your signal. Double down on your commitment to your own health and wellbeing. All the fussing in the world about your cash flow situation, about any of this, is not going to change it. This too shall pass. You are of much greater use to yourself, the people around you, and the collective vibe when you are strong, healthy, clear, and calm - at least some of the time! And remember, whatever we focus on expands and grows!

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1 Comment

Jul 02, 2020

Thanks so much for this inspiring post in this very uncertain time. I'm glad you are sharing with people about alternative health. It is an important thing to have to be able to control your mental state, which then will make your physical state healthier.

If there are other methods of healing you want to try, I would recommend

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