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  • Eileen Day McKusick

Choosing Empowerment Over Victimhood

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

I recently worked on an individual who had a tremendous amount of energy stuck in their field, and very little in their body.

They were suffering from low energy, poor digestion, inability to really engage with life.

What I found was a lot of stories. Stories that the person was very attached to!

Many of these were angry stories of victimhood. It was easy to see why their digestion was suffering - all of their fire was tied up in unexpressed anger over the injustices they perceived they suffered.

Empowerment over Victimhood

There is a lot I can say about this particular topic because we all suffer from it to some degree, and I will go into it in depth in my next book, but for now I want to give you something useful right away. Self-Righteousness in defense of our story is a stealth enemy of peace and health.

Next time you find yourself being self righteous or defensive, whether in your mind or out loud, check yourself. How are you holding yourself in your body? How much energy are you putting into this stance? Very often if you can do this you will find yourself in a position of perceived powerlessness, you will be acting out the story of victim.

Maybe you were a victim when this familiar pattern started. Maybe you don't have to be now. Maybe now the story can be different. It's all waves in space after all.

With your mind and your imagination, gather your energy back into your core. Tune into the sounds around you. See what needs to happen for you to release your attachment to this pattern.

Observe your own stubbornness and the power that is in that. Maybe it is ok to forgive, to let these old stories go. Because it really is true that it is our own bodies that get hurt from holding on to past hurts!

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