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Discovering the Power of the 144hz Tuning Fork

Updated: Jul 12

Recently, I developed a new pair of tuning forks based on the Fibonacci sequence using the 11th and 12th positions of that numeral pattern. Together this pair, the 89hz & 144hz tuning forks create the golden ratio. (Read more about these forks here.)

Over the course of using each of these tools together and separately, I’ve discovered that the 144hz tuning fork has some incredibly unique properties.  And it’s not just me - our community of Certified Practitioners have concurred with my findings. This fork is amazing!

144hz Tuning Fork

The pair is wonderful together, however the 144hz fork is shockingly effective for combing in the biofield on its own. In this application, it cuts through heavy stuck energy like a hot knife through butter. Where other forks strain and complain, this one is all business.

Last month, I taught a Biofield Tuning demonstration class at MICO University College in Jamaica to a group of ten young athletes in the Physical Therapy program. Equipped with an assortment of Fibonacci forks and Sonic Sliders, we began with identifying resistance in the biofield using the weighted tuning forks. We then addressed working on the physical body using the circuit boot accessory.  Finally, I taught one single student how to use the 174hz unweighted tuning fork in the field. 

The student began combing in towards the body (a technique used for reintegrating stagnant energy) when he hit a zone of high alarm and very frozen energy. He immediately recognized that he was stuck. After approaching this zone numerous times with the 174hz fork, he continued to encounter the same tone and the same resistance. 

In Biofield Tuning when a tool is unable to shift patterns of frozen energy after repeated attempts, it generally indicates that the body requires a different input of coherent frequency. In an effort to demonstrate this point, I said, “Watch this” and snuck up behind the perturbation with the 144hz fork. As I worked in this zone the fork in my hand felt almost like a little hand grinder, buzzing away at the frozen bioplasma. 

144hz Tuning Fork

After a few moments, I had him return to the spot with the 174hz fork. He listened intently for the sound of alarm and felt for the resistance he expected to find there. Much to his surprise, it had disappeared all together! A look of amazement washed across the class - it was very evident to everyone what had just happened. The 144hz tuning fork had completely removed the blockage, allowing the student to pass through the biofield with ease once more.

The world has changed significantly in the past ten years, especially as it relates to the electromagnetic field, and we are now finding that energy is actually much denser and heavier than it was before. This energetic shift has led us to discover new tools and techniques, ensuring that Biofield Tuning Practitioners are well-suited to handle the literal weight of the world. The 144hz fork is not only particularly powerful, but it has quickly become a necessary resource as we strive to keep up, continuing to adapt to the rapid changes to the best of our abilities.

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