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  • Eileen Day McKusick

Follow the Updrafts

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

From my friends' posts in my Facebook newsfeed, I see that a lot of people have been having a very hard time lately, especially this past week.

As I write this at Canoe Bar & Grill in Negril, Jamaica, Peter Tosh is singing "Downpresser Man", and it is making me think about how strong the forces of entropy are at the moment.

Everywhere, it seems, things are falling apart: our bodies, our government, our planet. Darkness and heaviness and fear and despair are everywhere we turn. Stress is ripping us apart.

I want to offer a different perspective.

In the study of waveforms made visible through a medium like salt on vibrating plate, or water in a bowl, different frequencies create different patterns in the standing waves of the sound signal. As long as the frequency stays the same, the pattern holds. But if the frequency is increased, the pattern dissolves, and then a new, more complex pattern spontaneously forms.

I believe we are going through a "shift of the ages", and that the old pattern that has been informing life on earth is giving way to a new pattern.

The fact that the movement of the magnetic field of the earth has accelerated lately seems to relate to this. The human biofield holds and informs the order, structure and function of the human body. Any major shift in the biofield (magnetic field) creates a shift in the physiolgy.

An eagle flying in the sky
Follow the updraft Biofield Tuning

Here is the thing- even as the old pattern is dissolving, the new pattern is beginning to arise.

It's not all entropy and dissolution- it is also syntropy and creation! What we experience is what we choose to focus on, what our energy is aligned with. If you believe in entropy, if you focus on it and bemoan it, that is what your experience will be. If you focus on syntropy, if you are curious about what is arising, in you and the world around you, then that is what your experience will be.

Yes, the downpresser energy is strong. But we can use that energy to make us stronger, more centered, more focused and more creative. You can use it to illuminate the bright light, the shiny diamond that you, and all of us, have at the core of our being.

Follow the updrafts :-)

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