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  • Eileen Day McKusick

Past Lectures

This is a compilation of previous speaking engagements

San Diego CA September 25-27 2015

Group Tuning and Synchronization

Eileen will be doing a group tuning at the outset of the conference in order to synchronize the group biofield and also giving a talk on the Biofield Anatomy.

San Jose CA October 22-24 2015

Biofield Tuning and the existence of consciousness outside the body

A demonstration of how and why our bodies are actually inside our minds, rather than the other way around

Mountain View California October 27 2015

Book signing and talk about Biofield Tuning (free event)

San Diego, CA September 20, 2014 Understanding the Human Biofield” : What is the “Energy” in “Energy Medicine”?

Oakland, CA September 26, 2014 Tuning the Human Biofield: A unique approach with tuning forks

San Diego CA October 4, 2014 Tuning the Human Biofield

The Art and Science of Sound as Medicine

Johnson VT, October 19, 2014 Dibden Center for the Arts, Johnson State College

San Diego CA March 20-22, 2015

The Human Biofield- the missing dimension in healthcare

Nourish Vermont: A Traditional Foods and Health Gathering

Shelburne Farms, Shelburne Vermont June 4-6 2015

The Human Biofield: The Missing dimension in Health Care

The Subtle Energy Retreat

Sept 25-27 2015 San Diego

Science and NonDuality Conference

Oct 23-25

San Jose Ca

East West Bookstore

March 11 and March 13 2016

Mountain View CA

April 22-23 2016, Puebla Mexico

The Human Biofield: The Missing Dimension in Health

April 25-30, Tucson Arizona

Poster presentation: The Biofield Anatomy Hypothesis

June 17-19, Phoenix Arizona

Sausilito CA Sept 24-26 2016

Sound Healing Research lecture and 1/2 day workshop on Monday after conference

San Jose CA Oct 21-23 2016

A demo on Biofield Tuning

Mountain View CA Oct 24 and Oct 25 2016

October 24: Free lecture

October 25: 2 hour workshop

Marlborough MA Nov 12-13 2016

Lecture and Booth

Saturday June 3, Shelburne VT

The Electric Universe, Syntropy and Your Wave Sense

June 5-10, La Jolla CA

June 14-17, Yale University New Haven CT

Therapeutic Sound and the Human Biofield

August 17-20, Phoenix AZ

Human Bioelectricity and the EU Model

October 23-27, Kripalu Stockbridge MA

Energenetics: The Tone of the Song of our DNA, and how we can modulate it with targeted sound inputs

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