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  • Eileen Day McKusick

Repatterning Energenetics

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

I was on the phone with a client today, conducting a distance session of Biofield Tuning, a process that uses the coherent input of a tuning fork to “smooth out” or repattern the vibrational patterns in a person’s biomagnetic system. She asked me, “What can a person do by themselves, in the absence of finding a practitioner like you, Eileen, to help smooth out their own patterning?”

Surprisingly, I had to think about that question. For the last twenty years, I have been focused on how I could use the deceptively simple tool of a tuning fork to help other people, and have met with a great deal of success treating a wide range of discomforts on the physical, mental, emotional, and as we will talk about in a bit, genealogical levels. But, what can really, truly, help people to help themselves to feel better?

After a moment of contemplation, the image that came to mind was moccasin-shod Native Americans

dancing, and singing, together in a group. “Dancing and singing,” I told her. “It is something most of us don’t do at all though.”

Moccasin-shod Native Americans  dancing, and singing, together in a group.

Instead people who are struggling to manage discomfort within themselves very often seek outside of themselves for assistance—whether to their doctor or psychiatrist or yoga teacher or- for people who are curious and openminded—to someone like me, a sound therapist.

As someone who has made a somewhat strange career of reading and modulating people’s vibes, I have developed a unique perspective on the conscious and subconscious human mind. I use a tuning fork like a needle on an album to read the binary sequencing that is stored in standing waves in the diffuse magnetic field or biofield (energy field/aura) that surrounds the human body.

My “Biofield Anatomy Hypothesis” postulates that memory, rather than being stored in the brain, is actually vibrationally and magnetically encoded in our biofields, in a very specific storage system. The microtubules that reside in the tiny finger-like structures called cilia on our cell membranes act like antennae that both read and transmit these very subtle signals.

Periods of our histories that were traumatic or difficult produce areas of chaotic waveforms in our fields and these can actually be located by passing a fork slowly towards the body from about five or six feet away. One is able to, by referencing the Biofield Anatomy Map, determine what age this was generated (our vibrational history moves away from our center, like rings on a tree) and what the primary emotion or state of mind that was affected.

One of the things that I am really coming to see in this ever-evolving process is just how powerfully we are affected by what I call our energenetics: the tone of the song of our DNA. Science has recently revealed that our ancestor’s experiences leave their mark on the DNA that gets passed along to us, and my research shows exactly that.

New Age philosophy tells us that our thoughts create our realities, and that to change our reality we must change our thoughts. This is true to some degree, however our conscious mind comprises only the tip of the iceberg of who we are as an individual. A vast amount of what we call “me” consists of not only our memories and experiences but also the memories and experiences of our parents and their parents and so on.

Rather than being born as a blank slate, we come in loaded with pre-programming that predisposes us to a whole host of imbalances on the physical, mental and emotional levels.

Rather than being born as a blank slate, we come in loaded with pre-programming that predisposes us to a whole host of imbalances on the physical, mental and emotional levels. I see over and over again how inherited traits such as anxiety and depression have been present in individuals since they were conceived.

These individuals experience these uncomfortable patterns in their own psyche and seek to heal them at the level of “I.” When they are unable to simply “change their thinking and change their life,” they then feel guilty and inadequate for failing to “fix” themselves. What they don’t realize is just how deep the patterning runs.

Culturally, we have been through a lot in the last few generations. WW1, the Great Depression, WW2, the Holocaust, and so on, have all created deep scars in the human psyche. The response of a great many of our ancestors was to simply suppress their experiences, in the absence of effective tools for really dealing with trauma.

This pattern of suppression continues to this day, with the administering of vast amounts of anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications. The problem is “feelings buried alive never die” and “emotions express themselves”—meaning that these traumas or “pathological oscillations” in our vibrational patterning end up breaking down our bodies and spirits in various ways.

The opposite of suppression is expression—and to liberate these trapped chaotic waveforms from our body and mind, we need to express them. It isn’t enough to sit and chant Om. It isn’t enough to meditate, or to do yoga. You need to explore much more dynamic expressions than that if you really want to shake these vibes out of your system.

Drumming, singing, dancing—especially in groups—are good medicine for grounding and integrating the feelings that steal your peace and your health.

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