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The Biofield Tuning Circuit Boot Tuning Fork Accessory

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

I am very pleased to be introducing the newest addition to our sound therapy tools, the Circuit Boot. This accessory attaches easily to the handle of a weighted tuning fork and, simple as it may appear, the benefits of incorporating this unsuspecting accessory can be profound.

For the past several months my team and I have been testing this accessory, paired with the Sonic Slider & Fibonacci Forks. We have all fallen head over heels in love with it and I, personally, can’t get enough. I have found myself using my Sonic Slider more than usual and the benefits of these forks has truly been amplified. So, what is it about this boot that my team and I love so much?

Biofield Tuning Circuit Boot Tuning Fork Accessory

Let’s begin with the importance of the unique patent pending design. The face of the boot (see image right) features a grid of small divots - this is where the magic happens. These cavities trap sound waves between the bottom of the divot itself and the surface of the skin, creating a circuit of targeted sonic stimulation.

The tiny electromagnetic field generated by the movement of this trapped energy gives the boot weak magnetic properties. This magnetism interacts with the electromagnetic system of the body, causing the boot to slow or grab slightly when slid over areas that are deficient in electromagnetic charge. These areas of the body are in need of coherent input which the tuning forks supply.

Here is an example - last month, my husband spent hours squatting while rebuilding his motorcycle. When he finally stood up, his calf muscles were completely exhausted and sore from being overworked. The next day the symptoms had magnified and he was in a lot of pain.

We decided to try an experiment. I had him lay face down on my treatment table while I began working with the Fibonacci pair (144hz & 89hz tuning forks), a Circuit Boot on the end of each. I slid the forks, one boot on either side, from the achilles tendon up the leg. Even though I was using the same amount of force, the forks both slid to a halt over the calf muscles. I could sense that the tissue here was weak and exhausted. By continuously applying vibration, the feedback shifted from depleted to solid and energized. When he got off the table, he said that he felt significantly better and had virtually no pain the following day.

Our experience with this experiment lines up perfectly with the findings from this Harvard University study. This study demonstrated that the introduction of mechanical stimulation to damaged tissue allows it to recover 2.5x faster than with no stimulation at all. So there you have it - science has already proven that the Circuit Boot, which provides targeted mechanical stimulation with no artificial electromagnetic fields, works :)

Biofield Tuning Eileen McKusick

Not only does it help tissue to recover, it also enhances muscle tone. In my observation over the last few months, the use of the circuit boot has taken the definition and tone I’ve received from using the Sonic Slider to a WHOLE new level. To me, this is nothing short of amazing. I am a 51 year old woman who has never been an athlete and who had a generous muffin top for most of my adult life. I spend the majority of my day slumped over my laptop, phone or guitar and do little to no exercise of any kind other than strolls on the beach. Plus, I eat dessert every night!

Using the Sonic Slider, and now with the addition of the Circuit boot, (for less than ten minutes a day) has given me a toned, strong, healthy body and the courage and comfort to wear a bikini, which is something I never had until I was 50 years old!

Using these tools to increase strength and muscle definition is just ONE WAY to utilize them. Folks who have been using the Sonic Slider regularly have reported improved mood, improved sleep, improved digestion, relief from pain and headaches & faster recovery from intense exercise.

The Sonic Slider + Circuit boot is a household essential and can provide benefits for the whole family, pets included! Take turns using it on yourself and each other (it is great to have someone else do your back where you can’t reach). There is no upper limit, that we are aware of, on how many minutes a day you can use it. The more you use it, the more quickly you will notice results and the more results you will notice over time!

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