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The Sonic Slider™ Tuning Fork

Updated: Jun 6

My invention and implementation of the Sonic Slider™

As someone who has been playing with tuning forks for 23 years now, I have been exposed to a lot of different frequencies over the years – both forks that I have bought, and the numerous prototypes I have made.

When I set out to create the Sonic Slider, I was looking for a fork that I would enjoy sliding on my face. As I approached 50, it was evident that my line-prone Irish skin was headed downhill fast and I wanted to see what I could do to hold that off a bit.

So I sat down and noodled with numbers and came up with a handful of frequencies and had my manufacturer produce them as weighted forks for me. I knew the moment I first put, what would become, the Sonic Slider against my skin that I had found what I was looking for.

See the Sonic Slider frequency made visible through a cymascope here.

Before and After Facial Image

I played with the prototype for about 8 weeks before putting it into the manufacturing line up, but even after just a few weeks, the folks in my video meetings were commenting on the fact that I looked different – smoother, more radiant and youthful.

I noticed I felt better too – and between late August and Christmas, I actually dropped a clothing size, from an 8 to a 6, without changing anything in my routine except for using the slider 2x a day for 5-10 minutes – just on my face and neck.

After Christmas, I headed to Jamaica for a month of R&R, and I decided to start experimenting with using the fork on my body. I started at my feet and stroked upwards towards the heart, like I had learned to do with dry brushing (a habit I could never bring myself to keep up).

I covered every inch of my body that I could reach using moderate to firm pressure. I discovered that there were certain areas that were “sticky”, meaning as I passed the handle of the fork over them, it felt grabbed by that particular area.

I found that if I held the point of the handle in that area until the vibration ran all the way out, that a deep breath would arise spontaneously and that part of my body would relax deeply.

Amazingly, I started to shrink! I had a few episodes of night sweats, and each morning after that happened I was noticeably smaller. By the end of five weeks, my size 6 pants (that I had just bought) were falling off me, and when I went shopping for replacements I was amazed to discover that I was now a size 2.

Before and After Full Body Image

Now – I didn’t set out to make myself a size 2, and I am not saying you should be a size 2. I was perfectly happy as a size 6, but I knew the extra 15 or so pounds I was carrying was water weight. I ate mostly whole food when I was hungry, stopped when I was full, and had been free of cravings and emotional eating for years. In fact, I actually ate very little – my skinny girlfriends were always finishing off my plates when we ate out together.

So that extra 15 pounds wasn’t about food – it was about fascia. Specifically fascia knots that were inhibiting proper fluid flow and backing up my interstitial fluid and lymph flow.

Eileen & Frank McKusick

In the first few weeks that I was using it, I came out in bruises all over, especially on my legs. This seemed to be a consequence of the fascia knots letting go. But it wasn’t only the knots letting go that was happening – it also seemed as though the process was firming my muscles and tightening my skin.

Not only that but I felt great! I felt light, and even springy! I had a spring in my step, was sleeping great, and bouncing out of bed in the morning. It was really very amazing to go through.

I have remained the same size ever since, despite often eating on the road and pretty much never exercising (unless you consider hauling 50-70 pound suitcases around the globe exercise). And what is amazing is that I only have to use the Sonic Slider a few minutes a day.

One thing I have discovered is that I am a bit of an outlier – meaning not many people have had the same kind of dramatic outcome that I did in such a short time period. I say this because it’s important to understand that everyone is different and has different kinds of results.

Lots of people have lost weight, dropped sizes, reported feeling more toned and sculpted. But not everybody loses 15 pounds in 5 weeks so don’t go into this experience expecting that! Although Mike here did lose 10 pounds in about 3 weeks and he didn’t change anything except drinking a bit more water.

Before and After Sonic Slider Full Body Image

Part of the reason why I think I lost so much so quickly – and have kept it off – was because in my observation a lot of people hold onto weight as both protection and a place to store their stuffed emotions.

Having been receiving Biofield Tuning for 9 years now, I have really worked through a backlog of old emotional junk and learned how to let my emotions flow in a healthy way. Some people report a lot of emotion coming up when they start to use it, and it can be uncomfortable to manage at times. Better out than in, though, as we say in Biofield Tuning.

Thousands of people are now using the Sonic Slider and reporting all kinds of benefits, not just weight loss: increased energy, improved mood, improved focus, faster recovery from exercise/ injuries/ and even burns, better sleep, better digestion, more youthful appearance, elimination of teeth clenching, night grinding, TMJ, and more.

And now that we have added the accessories of the handle extender and stainless steel boot, folks are finding even more ways to make use of this great tool.

Sonic Slider Accessories

One thing I found from early users was that they were having a hard time getting in the habit of using their fork every day. The thing is, you really do have to use it every day to make progress. If you just use it here and there you don’t get anywhere. The more you use it, the more effects it creates.

So I created a 21-day series of 7-minute videos to help get folks in the habit. These are not 21 ways to use it differently – rather, it is me going through my daily 7-minute routine while delivering nutshell summaries of all the health hacks I have learned over the years.

So by the end of 21 days, you aren’t just looking and feeling better, you are also thinking differently, in a more positive and proactive way about your body and life in general. Really, this is the simplest, fastest, easiest way to change your body and more importantly, your relationship with your body.

One of the things that I love to hear from users is that they are loving themselves more, being kinder to themselves, and enjoying making the time for self care. When we aren’t putting energy into fussing about our bodies, when we are happy with and loving and enjoying our bodies, we free up energy to do more, create more, love more, be patient and kind more.

It’s not just about vanity. While the Sonic Slider can definitely help people to look better, what is so great about it is that it can help you to feel better all around as well – and then you radiate that out into the world around you. And this world needs all the good vibes it can get!

Sonic Slider Testimonials

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Melissa Adrina Parker
Melissa Adrina Parker
Aug 04, 2023

Love mine so far. My face is visibly smoother and brighter. is it just as effective if I use the tool over my clothes?


Susan Kalchman
Susan Kalchman
May 12, 2023

I have a concern about this aluminum tool being rubbed on the body daily and the opportunity for increased aluminum exposure into the body via the skin. I bought this fork with the circuit boot and was wondering what material the circuit boot was made of. Have you considered this issue regarding the aluminum?


Gabriela Bianchini
Gabriela Bianchini
Aug 23, 2022

Could I use the Sonic Slider on my scalp to help with alopecia?


Farzaneh Rahmani
Farzaneh Rahmani
Nov 06, 2020

This is crazy! I literally had a vision a few days ago about having water weight and bruises around my low back and stomach (in reference to a conversation about sadness) and I struggle with a ton of knots all over my body that won't massage out. And then I read this!

The reason I got to this page was actually through the 2020 summit page that Eileen is part of, which I saw right after having a dream about sound healing being an essential role in society.

Super grateful to have been guided here <3

By the way what frequency is the sonic slider?



Tom Coleman
Tom Coleman
Jan 27, 2023
Replying to

"The Sonic Slider uses frequency 93.96, which is the 12th harmonic of the Schumann Resonance - the electromagnetic resonance of the Earth's atmosphere. This resonance has been shown to increase vitality and the body's natural ability to heal."

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