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Tuners Without Borders Update

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Last fall, The Biofield Tuning Institute created a division called Tuners Without Borders, to do outreach and education about sound therapy to low income and at risk populations worldwide.

This past week, myself and team of volunteers (including my 18 year old son Cassidy who is a certified practitioner), spent a week in Kingston, Jamaica, where we handed out 60 pairs of weighted tuning forks and provided free training on how to use them on self and others to reduce stress.

We worked with three different groups: folks at the YMCA, at the Church of the Ascension, and at Mico College. The first two received 4, 2 hour classes over 6 days, and the last just one 90 minute introduction.

Biofield Tuning Institute | Tuners Without Borders Presentation

This is our second time in Kingston (first was October 2018) and we had some folks at the church who were there for their second round of training. What we learned was that few people had continued to work with their forks after we left the first time.

The energy in Kingston is heavy, intense, gritty, and dissipative. Entropy is strong! Last time we were there, it had the effect of charging us all up - overcharging actually because we all felt like we had too much voltage running through our systems and we had to ask our community to send us some tuning to help to manage it.

This time, it had the opposite effect. I woke up the first morning there with a sore throat, and since I was very healthy all of 2018, I had kind of forgotten about the immune boosters I used to keep with me when I travel. But dental surgery in mid-December had weakened my system, and I was just coming off an intense trip to LA and then Mexico and my battery was definitely not at 100%!

The sore throat quickly progressed to a full blown cold with copious mucus and lethargy (luckily the worst of it happened over the weekend when we weren't working). In my droopy state, I felt the full pressure of the stress of this city in a way that I hadn't the first time. And I wondered what the heck I was thinking being there doing what I was doing.

For one thing, I don't like asking for money, so the effort was only half funded. Overcoming the heaviness in this place seemed like a Herculean effort and I didn't feel up to the task. It became clear to me it was going to take a lot of work to get it to take root, and I had no idea how that was going to happen.

The heaviness of the whole situation literally took me down. I was standing at the counter at the smoothie shop on Monday waiting to pay while Frank, my husband, took 3 of the 5 smoothies to the car, and suddenly my vision got very strange and the next thing I knew I was waking up on the floor, leaning against the counter with security guards fanning me.

I spent that afternoon and evening resting while my team went and taught without me at the Church of the Ascension, and to be honest, I was filled with self-doubt about my seemingly overly optimistic intentions of flipping the spin of the entropy here to syntropy. It had flipped my spin hard – right down to the floor!

But then my team returned with stories from their class. The most challenging students – the ones we had to show over and over how to activate the forks, how to hold them, how to use them – the ones who required the most patience – were now suddenly different people.

Biofield Tuning Institute | Tuners Without Borders Jamaica

They had practiced over the weekend, and shared stories of their successes. They were lighter, brighter, much more engaged. Three people said they felt “more free”. People said they slept better than they had in a long time, that the traffic and other usual stressors didn’t seem as stressful.

The next day when I returned to teaching (I recovered very quickly), I too was amazed at the difference in our class. The transformation of our most challenging students was particularly amazing. Most importantly, everyone was enthusiastic and determined to continue practicing. They made plans to meet once a month to continue to practice together.

As we went around the room and did check in, I repeatedly got goosebumps. One student told about how she had to get through police and soldier roadblocks because her neighborhood was on lockdown due to violence over the weekend (she had lost a loved one), but that if she got to class with just one minute left, she was going to make it because she was meant to be there because she had been given this opportunity and was not going to miss it.

Our one man in the class, a security guard, told of how he had brought the forks to work and used them to get rid of a headache. How his co-workers had taken interest and wanted him to work on them. Another woman, who had been in our first group, told how her whole life had changed since we were there in October. She had cleaned and reorganized her entire life – her relationships were better, she was sleeping consistently, she was no longer overwhelmed like she used to be.

My heart swelled with optimism and hope. In fact, on the way back to the hotel after class, I and my whole team were high on life. Maybe, just maybe, this was going to work. But the question of how remained. Of course they wanted us to return – again and again! We know that next time they will bring more friends, wanting more free forks and more free training. And that the logical next step is to create a formal training and certification program in Kingston.

Our last stop was Mico college, where we worked with a group of almost 40 new people. We had just 90 minutes to get across the theory (it was supposed to be 2 hours but everyone is always late here), teach them how to activate and use them on each other and themselves. Amazingly, in this cavernous gymnasium (it is a good thing I know how to project my voice!), we managed to get all of them to get it.

Seeing their happy and enthusiastic faces at the end gave us even more encouragement that we needed to KEEP GOING.

Biofield Tuning Institute | Tuners Without Borders Jamaica

But the only way we can keep going is if we get help and support to do it. While I am willing and able to cover the shortfall of this last trip myself because my biggest motivation in making money is to be able to spread it around to where it is needed, I have my limits.

So if you have made it this far, I am asking for your help. A donation in any amount, a suggestion about potential granting institutions that could be a good fit, talking to rich friends who want to make a difference in the world. This work does make a difference. It inspires people to their potential – it awakens in them the knowing that they can also make a difference in the world. It has an amazing compounding effect.

In this heavy world of entropy and decay, Biofield Tuning stimulates syntropy, inspires intrinsically motivated change. It gives people the hope, strength, energy and inspiration to make their part of the world better, brighter, more functional. And when this syntropy arises from the most entropic places, it can do truly great things in the world.

Click here to make a donation in any amount.

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