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Tuning the Bees

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Last month, while I was in San Diego, taking a bath, right after conducting the last session of the adrenal rhythm reset series, the bees started talking to me.

I was hanging slightly over the side of the tub, contemplating the fact that the earrings I had worn that day exactly matched the floor tile pattern, and contemplating tessellation in general, when I suddenly became aware of the bees – as beings, communicating to me with their minds.

They showed me in mental images how their “shields were down” from electromagnetic pollution, and how their immune systems were stressed from pesticides.

They told me that they were having a crisis and needed support. They asked me to tune them and told me that it would help to give them the resilience they needed to manage the stress of the environment. I felt very moved by their energy and their clarity and promised them that I would tune them the next day.

The next day, I was heading in the back door in the late afternoon behind my housemate when she remarked that there was a honey bee on the deadbolt lock above the door handle.

“They get tired this time of day and can’t make it back to the hive” she said, and I suddenly remembered that I had yet to fill my bee tuning promise. It just so happened that two of my students were there and the three of us went to the back garden where we found two more tired bees on the fountain.

I activated my 528 Hz fork and put my attention on the bees before me but also on the morphic field of all bees.

I activated my 528 Hz fork and put my attention on the bees before me but also on the morphic field of all bees. I tuned into them. And with my mind connected to that bandwidth of information, I listened to its story reflected in the changing tone of the fork.

I named each pain as it arose – the ways they felt sick and sad and challenged – and witnessed it with loving compassion and care. I apologized for humans and told them that we heard them and that we cared. And each of my students did the same. It was all very moving.

One by one the two bees on the fountain flew off – hopefully sufficiently energized to make it home! And then we tuned the water in the fountain, sending love and gratitude and harmony and resilience to water everywhere.

That night, we went to a Belly Dance performance at a fascinating venue where the ceiling had octagons and the walls had hexagons.

Belly Dance performance

The next day, we noticed that the grass where the three of us had been standing had grown considerably more than any of the grass in the rest of the yard, a change which became more dramatic in the days that followed, prompting my housemate to send me the above picture (I was back in Vermont by then) and the note: “It’s in shadow right now but can you see that the stems on the flowers are about 7 inches longer and the leaves on the iris or whatever have also grown a foot suddenly?”.

So with our attention and intention and sound and caring we energized nature. And nature in turn energized us – the bees were so sweet and heartfelt and just dear in their gratitude, and this was just so amazingly evident to us.

But the story continues in a very interesting way. A couple of days after this event, a friend (who knew nothing of my adventures of the previous days) posted this picture on my Facebook wall:

Which managed to tie bees and tessellation and belly dancing altogether in this incredibly gorgeous way.

With all this symbolism and sychronicity, I had to tell some one about the bee thing. But, well, it’s a little weird to tell people you tune bees.

(I mean, it’s weird enough to tell people you tune people)

So I only shared the bee tuning story with my Biofield Tuning group page. But what was so amazing to me was how many people responded to it, resonated with it!

The whole thing really struck a chord, and I wanted to do more with the bee thing, but well, it was April in Vermont and grey and cold and windy and I just couldn’t find it in myself to go out and tune the bees.

Until yesterday, when the sun was finally out and warm and it beckoned me to sit out on my balcony with my forks and do another tuning.

And once again, it was so easy to tune right into them. This time I felt the profound sadness of all of their losses. I sat with it and cried with them.

But the neat thing about the tuning forks is that they don’t stay sad – they move through it, into a more coherent expression. They help to digest and harmonize the sadness. And then once that has shifted, something else comes up to be worked with. The next dissonance that came up was a sense of dizziness, and a loss of bearings. So I stayed with that until it harmonized. That was it, just a five minute or so check in – but I felt their presence and their gratitude SO clearly. And I am not the only one who has had this experience. Here are a few others as well:

I offered a session to the bees a few days ago, while out visiting my mom in Ohio. I wasn’t sure how to proceed, but followed my leading, combed @ columned Bee Heart, left and right. Such deep, profound grief on the left. On the right, species-level self-doubt that they are up to the challenges that today’s humans have thrown in their way. I mostly just held a sense of compassion for the feelings and invited them to move and integrate.

* * *

I activated the 528, set an intention to help all bees everywhere and then in my mind I started sweeping out around the world, and quickly felt the bees field respond and eagerly accept the work. I thanked the bees for their great love and essential work which they selflessly and without expectation carry on with, I focussed on cleaning up the EMF and other confusing signals, I loved them for their generosity and compassion and heard a “voice” in my head say thank you and felt fully connected to the hive mind and it was simply pure and beautiful and profoundly healing and I’ve been regenerating and healing ever since.

I would like you to tune the bees as well.

So the point of all of this is that I would like you to tune the bees as well. They need us. And what we do does matter, even if it sounds silly. I can guarantee you that you will be able to tune into them and to tune them and that you too will feel their love and gratitude back and find it to be strangely and wonderfully moving.

You can use any tuning fork, any singing bowl, or your own voice. I think, really, you could use any instrument. The intention is to improve their resiliency. To throw our weight behind them and let them know we are with them. In doing so, we find that they are connected to everything else, that we are connected to all of it too, and their flagging faith and weakening spirit mirrors our own. The crisis is now, it is real, and it’s not going to change unless we DO something.

I also have found that when I have tuned the bees, I feel drawn to tune the water. The first time I was at the fountain, and yesterday I was by the Winooski River. So I tuned into the river in the same way, activating the tuning fork and listening the story the river told me. It showed me the different types of pollution/energy in it- the dairy industry runoff (Round-up!), the pharmaceuticals, the household chemicals. Each layer of muck had its own dissonance. And each one by one became more clear. The river told me she wanted to sing but couldn’t because all her clarity was gone.

And while all this has an element of woo to it, it has been scientifically determined that sound can clean water. My work with distance healing has shown me quite clearly the power of sound at a distance when combined with clear intention – so me sitting on my balcony activating a tuning fork with clear intention to help heal the river, and the bees, is real, and is having an effect, and no matter how small, it matters.

Imagine what we can all do together!

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Thank you for sharing this! I use Perelandra flower essences and Raymon Grace’s dowsing work with shifting frequencies to clean the water and other things too. It’s wonderful to hear how other modalities are also being used to help heal the Earth & I’m excited to learn about your work!



OMG I have been following you for a while and am so excited by this idea. I have been a beekeeper for three years and I have been thinking about whether each colony would have has a biofield. and whether you could assist each hive to he healthier. I was wondering whether I could ask you more... I am saving up to do your foundations course and will follow on to do the practitioner training.

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