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  • Eileen Day McKusick

What Comes Out of Your Mouth...

I am increasingly convinced that we are all barking up the wrong tree when it comes to our health.

Everyone is constantly looking for what they can put in their mouth to improve their health, without taking a good look at what is coming out of their mouth - or not coming out of their mouth as the case may be.

I spent years trying this supplement and that supplement and honestly can't say that I ever found anything that I noticed made a difference. I am not saying that supplements are useless - however, I am saying that they were useless for me. I spent a lot of money and piled up a whole bunch of plastic bottles that I then ended up just throwing away. I have a friend who has literally thousands of supplement bottles in her kitchen cabinets, and NONE of them have solved her problems, because her problems are emotional.

It wasn't until I got my EMOTIONAL house in order that my health issues began to resolve themselves. It wasn't until I discovered that it was the things I was believing about myself, and saying about myself, that were having the greatest impact on my well-being and energy levels that things started to go in the direction I wanted them to.

Our MINDS can make us sick and make us well. Our beliefs, our words, our emotions, are stronger than any supplement. If you keep saying, "I have this disorder, I have that disorder" and are looking outside yourself for a solution, you are giving your power away. Your mind created the problem, and your mind can solve the problem.

We have all been conditioned to give our power away and then to look outside ourselves to some doctor or some book or some pill or some program to fix us, to give us our power back. It doesn't work that way.

I know this is idealistic of me to say (I am an unapologetic idealist, because someone has to be), but you have the power to make yourself sick or make yourself well with the power of your mind alone.

That said, I didn't make myself well with the power of my mind alone. It took a fair amount of Biofield Tuning sessions to unearth the subconscious stories, beliefs and emotions that were undermining my wellbeing. Unearthing and digesting and integrating those experiences made my mind stronger, made me realize just how much I could accomplish with my imagination, my intention, my word, the beliefs I chose to consciously hold.

I had a student in class a while back who said she had Hashimoto's, and I gave her a hard time about that statement ("Who is Hashimoto and why do you have his disease?!"). It made her really question what it was she was saying and believing. She went on to turn her whole health situation around by taking control of her story. I barely recognized her the next time I saw her -she looked like a different person.

When we change our TUNE about ourselves, about our life, our body changes. So start paying attention to what you are saying. How does it sound? What are you creating with the words and stories you are telling to yourself and others about your state? Are these things really true, inevitable?

Ultimately our bodies and our minds are just waves in space. Noise in the signal creates distortions that distort our bodies, blur our healthy blueprints, cause breakdowns in our physiology. Aim - idealistically - for a clear signal, for inputs that help create that clear signal (hint: pure sound helps). Get rid of clutter, maybe starting with all those unfinished supplement bottles in your cupboards. Start questioning the inevitability of drama in your life. Speak and think health. And see what you notice.

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