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Dealing with World Pain

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Back when I was in the process of mapping the biofield, I made a discovery the week Robin Williams committed suicide. I noticed that every client who came in had a bunch of stuck energy around their left armpits. And as I listened into the tonal quality of that zone, I realized that this is the area of the body/field we energize when we are feeling pain about the human condition and the state of the world.

Everyone was so sad and disillusioned by Robin William's suicide. He was so well loved, and it was such a travesty that someone who made us laugh so much could be in enough pain to take his own life.

The planet earth in the shape of a heart
World Pain | Biofield Tuning Blog

Since then I find that spot a lot - in almost everyone actually. And more lately I think. There is no getting around the fact that life can be unbearably sad. I mean, we are witnessing the 6th major extinction right before our eyes. The planet is awash in plastic and pollution, refugees and refuse, injustice and inequity. I could go on and on. But here is the thing. It is also still full of music and miracles, opportunities for joy and wonder, reasons to be grateful and amazed.

If we allow ourselves to get stuck in world pain, to pour the energies of our heart into grief and helplessness, we aren't helping the situation. In fact, we are just pouring more incoherent vibes into the whole mess.

I am not saying we shouldn't feel world pain. I do, every day. I cry so easily over whatever tragedy crosses the path of my awareness. But I don't stay there. Because I also easily feel gratitude and amazement and wonder and even grace.

It helps to be aware where your energy goes when you go into world pain. The energy of your heart shifts to the left, sinks, mourns. It's ok to let it go there. And it is ok to shift it back to center, return to gratitude, return to curiosity. Because if you don't, that sinking feeling will pull you right down. The pressure of entropy is strong, and the path forward is narrow and not easy to stay on.

The practice of Biofield Tuning shows us that tuning forks can be used like a magnet to shift the patterns and flows of our biofields -our minds. Beyond that, it shows us, that we can learn to move this energy ourselves from the inside.

So next time you find yourself wallowing in world pain, see if you can shift your inner energetic posture, from your left armpit to the center of your chest, from sadness and heaviness to gratitude and appreciation. It is worth a try for sure!

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